Mobilehome floor, pic included

A few minor soft areas in the bedroom floors…I had to take my shoes
off to notice:)…the client pointed out the places…Heres a crawlspace
picture…what would be an appropiate write up.

“The bedroom floor framing appeared to have been built by someone lacking knowledge of good building practices.
It appeared to be structurally inadequate.
The inspector recommends correction by a qualified contractor.”

I’m with Ken. Here’s a more tactful way to put it.

A portion of the floor structure was supported by various make-shift piers. Those floor supports exhibit poor workmanship are thought to be inadequate to provide permanent support to the floors. It is recommended that a competent and licensed general contractor or foundation specialist be consulted to provide a further evaluation of the adequacy of the floor supports and make necessary repairs.

Not sure I would say makeshift jacks as oppose to wanting to have documentation as to their use and limitations.

I admittedly have not seen them but then again I am not into mobile homes. It does appear that footers are in place but can not comment their depth.

What is apparent is that the span between the joists (loose term) is greater than what 3/4 plywood is rated for a living area.



In the pic it looks like a beam / joist was cut off and moved to the side, or maybe removed. Made a long span for the plywood floor above.

What will happen when the jacks rust through in a damp crawl space?

Hopefully someone will tell them to call me…have tools…will travel. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: