Interior sill plate bolts and what is that?

Ok, two quick questions. 1. Does an interior wall require anchor bolts on the sill plates? I noticed none were present on the walls below the stairwell. I know they’re required on outside walls, but are they required on interior walls?

  1. What are your thoughts on the piece of pressure treated wood on the ceiling in this photo? I noticed an orange spray foam, but don’t know if it’s fire-resistant. However, the piece of wood has me flummoxed. It covers a couple of pex water lines that feed the master bathroom above. I didn’t see any signs of leaking. I couldn’t figure it out. I’m thinking maybe it’s a construction thing I’ve not encountered yet.

Thanks for any info you can offer!!

I would recommend they be attached somehow e.g. cut nails, ramset nails, etc.

The wood is a new one on me, too. I’d guess for protection of the pipes but it doesn’t cover them all the way.

And, the caulk looks like fire stop foam…but a pretty crappy job of it!

Here is one from 3m:


No bolts required and looks like a lame attempt to maintain the fire rating.

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Ok, Thanks guys. The firestop is already compromised. Near the board in the ceiling is a piece of 2-inch PVC pipe that extends down about a foot from the ceiling and is the drain for the TPR valve in the attic. Somehow I don’t think stopping a foot from the ceiling is the same as stopping a foot from the floor.

I’ll bet you won’t find anything that looks like that in the builder’s brochure.

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Probably never see again anywhere period. LOL

It is crazy what quality work some builders do! :flushed: