InterNACHI and BuyWise offering Energy Star training in Ontario.

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SO, a new member…err…vendor for at least 12-15 days (notice the join date) in INACHI…THE WORLD’S LARGEST HOME INSPECTION VENDORS ASSOCIATION. Want to sell your wares, join INACHI!! Better go to where HI’s won’t pay much for membership but man, they will spend a lot to get more certifications!!!

Must be real fertile ground up here, so much so that the next big convention is in Toronto again after being there just a year ago!!!

CAHPI and OAHI rule on the company’s website…not a mention of INACHI!!! The move appears to be for the financial gain of this company/individual only…got a moneymaking idea, let Nickey help you!! Get on the vendors list!! Buy a membership!!

From the BUYWISE website:

"Industry Standards

BuyWise™ Home Inspectors are trained to conduct Home Inspections in accordance with the “Standards of Practice” and “Code of Ethics” established by the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI).

The purpose of the Standards of Practice is to establish a minimum and uniform standard for Home Inspectors in Canada.

The Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics can be reviewed at:]( and then select your provincial association."

Preparing For Your Inspection


Inspection Agreement]([

Client Orientation Form](

No home is perfect, therefore it is important to be aware of any issues before you buy or sell your home or business.

Before you book an inspection, there are a few things you should know. In Canada, there is no government regulation governing home inspectors. For that reason, it is important to interview your inspector prior to hiring him/her.

  1. Training: Find out what type of formal training you inspector completed. Professional Affiliations: Ask what associations he or she belongs to. Most associations such as the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) and Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAHPI) have membership requirements that include minimum levels of experience and training as well as adherence to their “Standards of Practice” and “Codes of Ethics”
  2. Visit their association’s websites (]( and confirm that he/she is listed in the “Find an Inspector” section of the websites.

Brian, the site was corrected today to read:

Also, see the scrolling InterNACHI logo on left of home page

Interesting partnership Nick. Whats in it for NACHI?

10% discount on their training.

Why would they charge for their training? The auditor would be working for BuyWiseInspections, not themselves. The auditor would be on commission i’m assuming, as well as making money for BuyWise on each inspection. So, the auditor has to pay for training to be employed by their employer?? IMO it should be free training, considering BuyWise gets a cut on each and every audit…

The way I read it, the auditor would be working for themselves. BuyWise is only providing the training/certification, not getting any cut from future audits.
Maybe I’m wrong though…


They cannot work for themselves. They must be a liscenced service organization for NRCan. They(NRCan) are not issuing any liscences any time soon.


John Allingham, an INACHI Member, and myself had a couple of posts back and forth last night both with info on how the system works in the end.

Check it all out at the similar thread in the CAnadian Section!! Call some auditors from other companies and then contact BUYWISE!! Be careful!!

Nick, why are you removing informative posts by even INACHI members. My posts I can see as I always search for the truth and the bottom line but your own member?? Too much truth appearing in “THE WORLDS LARGEST HOME INSPECTION VENDORS ASSOCIATION”?

Brian, No posts regarding this matter have ever been removed.

I can prove it. Name the InterNACHI member who’s post was removed. You can’t.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

I stand corrected! Two threads with the same title on the boards. See the other thread!!!

Yes, found the other thread. Thanks for the info-and for correcting my assumption! I wonder who else offers the Energy Advisor training…I’ll Google it and see what I find. It would be nice to have something to compare it to.