InterNACHI and InterNACHI inspector in the news in Texas.

InterNACHI inspector in the news in Texas.

Sweet. Congratulations Bruce.

That kind of news coverage can only help the business.

Thanks Richard and Nick.

I happened to click on that link and wasn’t expecting to see my name in the article.


Bruce we would like to reestablish the East Texas TAREI Chapter? Since Boyles moved to California we have not had any activity in that area. Would you be interested in assisting us in that area?


Is this the group that meets (or met) in Longview?

I might be interested. What would be the costs and requirements?

Actually, as I reread my statement…

What I mean by that is: I am interested. I assume the costs are to join TAREI. Are there other costs associated with joining a local chapter?

What sort of assistance are you talking about?


Congratulations Bruce!

Thanks Dominic!!!

There are no current dues for the East Texas Chapter. Since Buzz move to California we haven’t had anyone will to pick up the Chapter and try to organize it. I will be back next week if you could spare some time one eveing I’ll be happy to meet wit you and go over some ideas and see what works for both of us!