New to OKC and looking for guidance

Good morning. I thought I would try the forum first. Not much action here. I have googled Oklahoma inspectors, groups, etc… with no luck. No social media presence that I can find. No Facebook Group? So, it has been hard to get any information.

I recently moved here from Texas. I have my own business and working on getting my PLLC, insurance, etc. moved to OK. I sent off my packet to the OKCIB to get my license.

Basically, I’m trying to meet people. See what is going on in OKC. See how you guys do things. As some of you may know, Texas is super regulated, down to the tiniest detail of what you can and can`t do, specific template to use for your reports, exactly how to fill it out and in what order, how you are allowed to advertise, and the list goes on…

Welcome to our forum, William!..Enjoy and participate. :smiley:

William, contact some CMIs or CPIs within 40 to 50 miles, or closer, to your area and communicate with them. Maybe one, or more, will help you. Some inspectors feel as though they are training their competition by ride-alongs or mentoring or hiring or helping out at all.

Here is the link for CMIs: Find a Certified Master Inspector®

And the link for CPIs: Find Certified Home Inspectors Near You - InterNACHI®

And Mentors: Home Inspector Mentoring - InterNACHI® and InterNACHI® - International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Also, you may want to take advantage of your Education Team at for specific questions e.g. 15 Steps to Become a Successful Home Inspector - InterNACHI® and InterNACHI® Master Class for Home Inspectors .

And there is the Helpful How-To Videos - InterNACHI® for many other things. And the InterNACHI online education page: How do I navigate the InterNACHI online education page? | InterNACHI FAQ

Thank You. :+1:

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Thank You!

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