ORCIA Looking for Senior Inspector Help

As a member of ORCIA I have been asked to chair and explore a program for new licensed home inspectors in Okla. Basically a mentor program to be rolled out by our fall conference in Dec. I will be looking for experienced Home Inspectors in different areas of the State that are willing to help ensure that the public in general has a higher educated home inspector to choose from.

Its time to pay it forward for those that have profited in this business. I will be knocking on your door Via E-Mail and land line. If you feel as if you can help this program you can contact me, my contact info is in my signature on this post

i usually get in trouble crossing the Red
my OU razzin’ offend most ;~))
but you know i’m there if needed

Thanks BA I will be in Granbury this week end

the only thing in Granbury is dinosaur tracks & inspection $s
i might know what your hunting
you & Vi have a great time & swing by if you have time
give me 4 hr advance notice & i’ll fire up the grill & change the linen
the pool is balmy

Maybe if this doesn’t work you can have it ready by your winter conference in April:mrgreen:

At todays inspection, the seller was part of the group that worked to get home inspectors licensed in Oklahoma. It was really neat to hear the story of how it all started. He had a picture of the legislation being signed with the group behind. His licenses number was 7. Mine is 70001227. (Number formatting must have been changed…) He was a really neat guy who worked really hard to elevate the profession. Although I don’t consider myself “senior”, I am experienced and if I can help elevate the profession, I would be happy to help.