InterNACHI awarded multi-million dollar government contract to inspect homes in Florida


I was a supervisor for Palm Beach & Broward counties on the original for the WCE Skyetec.
That’s when DFS first created the WindMit form.
Last time the statute said 10% had to be QA - reinspected.

Call me if you require any experienced help.


That’s great news Nick I’d love to get in on some of those Inspections I’m in Venice Florida.


You will. Millions for members in Florida.


I’m in St. Pete but can travel

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How do we start?

Congrats Nick! We were also awarded a contract for this program and look forward to seeing work for many of the inspectors.


Hi Nick,
I am interested in the My Safe Florida program. What is the next step needed to get contracts/business? I have already taken the InterNACHI course.

R3 for me great news.

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I work out of South Cary, but the company I work for does a lot of work in Florida. How and what would be next step to get involved?

This post is starting to look like the Christmas party post.


RP3 Ready. Signed up as a certified inspector weeks ago. Been waiting for the start of the program. We are very busy with hurricane damage assessments in SW Florida (Lee County), but can handle MSFH work!!!

This is Awesome Nick and Thank you. I am ready and sign me up. I perform Wind Mitigations already in Central Florida and take the course yearly(or every other year). Right now assisting with Disaster Inspections with FEMA South Florida.

This is awesome Nick and Nachi, we’ll done. Keep us posted on how we get jobs for this

Reminds me of one from about 10 or so years ago where Nachi got a multi-million dollar contract for foreclosed properties. For some reason it never seemed to materialize.
That thread had thousands of posts with inspectors saying sign me up, it went on for years.

Members did several thousand of them. And then with the Owens Corning contract, members did many tens of thousands of them (and are still doing them). And this state contract is more inspections than both of those combined.


Ready and willing. R3

Nick - Thanks for the reply by email - We have over 20 inspectors ready to go in R3

Very interested in this, 5 years as an inspector in Pinellas County. How do we get started?

This is a great boost! Sign me up:)

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