InterNACHI Books on Tape/CD/MP3

I have been doing a lot of driving lately to and from Inspections and presentations/meetings and am getting tired of what is being played on the radio.
There are only so many news stories to hear and songs I can sing along to before my voice gets hoarse!
For years while driving I have listened to books on tape or motivational/teaching which has helped quite a bit in the learning process.

I’m sure many Inspectors do a lot of driving also so I was thinking it would be a great idea to have some educational instruction/teaching while driving instead of idle quite time with thoughts or just listening to music/news.

Would it be possible for InterNACHI to make up some educational mp3.'s that we could download/play and learn while we are driving? Killing 2 birds with one stone, driving to an Inspection, or anywhere, while continuing our education.

One of my goals this year is to study for one hour every day. So far I have been on track since Jan 1. I force myself get up an hour earlier before the family arises and hit the books.
To have different education moments while driving I think would help a lot of us. Especially when Inspectors get busy there isn’t enough time in the day to get the studying/learning time in that we would want. Plus, I could get that hour of sleep back!

Another idea I had would be for Inspectors, (veterans and newcomers) into the industry to share stories (good and bad, funny/sad), ideas, things that work and don’t work for them. If they/you could record it on audio, a compilation of voices could be made into 30-60-90 minute files that we could play at out leisure.

This is something I would be willing to put together and share with any Inspectors who would want it. Free of course as I have learned so much info from all the Inspectors I have spoken/emailed with that I would like to give back somehow. I would just need to get audio from everyone interested and willing to share.
As long as this wouldn’t offend anyone and InterNACHI has no issue’s it might be another fun educational thing to add to this crazy business.

Let me know your thoughts Interested? yay/nay? Would it be OK?

Interesting idea, I would look into something like that if available

I would listen to them

It’s called a podcast, I had planned on eventually starting one up when I had the time. I listed to podcasts all the time on various subjects.

I like the idea of cd’s

Sure podcasts would be the easiest route to take. You could download it and burn it to CD, or record it to tape or 8-track!

That would be great. I listen to instructional cds all the time when I am driving. Mostly on real estate investing and sales/marketing.

Any plans to expand the library to more subjects

Did you buy that one?

I think if offered as a set or along those lines would be more appealing. Although realize cost is probably high in hopes of it selling enough to offset it.