Staff arguing about audio inspection products. Please help settle this dispute.

We are devoloping some marketing, business success and educational audio products for inspectors to listen to in their vehicles.

Inspectors spend a large portion of their time in their inspection vehicles.

How would you prefer these products?

iPod download?
8 track tape? :wink:

Are cassettes obsolete, already? Dang.

CD’s, allthough any medium is acceptable.

8 track is good for me…worked good in the 63 valiant…

I would suggest pod casts.

Everyone reading this thread has a comp.

Those with ipods will put them in their cards. Those without could burn their own CD’s if they wanted to, or plug in their comp to their car radios.

Downloadable MP3 is the way to go. If they want to burn them on a C.D., they can do it themselves.

Look at the big picture guys, many inspectors that live in the boonies, and only have dial-up service will play hell downloading mp3 files, or streaming podcasts. Cd’s are more practical for everyone. Those that want mp3’s, can rip the cd, and load their ipods.

Goes both ways.


I’d be interested in trying one to see how it goes.

Definitely downloadable or streaming media for me.

CD for me.

I like you but we also Jeff has a good point.

CD’s please, this Caveman does not have an ipod of MP3, and don’t know what it is. Everyone has a CD. :mrgreen:

actually cd would work better for me also …i gave the valiant to my little brother when i went into the service in 71 and He totaled it so no more 8 track

Provide mp3’s for immediate downloads and CD’s for those that want to order them.

CD, that way you can keep/store it permanently and make copies for whatever other medium you prefer, even make a copy of the CD so in case it gets damaged you still have a master.

mp3s are fine even for dialup.

I think a better question would be "Who even listens to audio products "?

HI’s are visual by nature.

Those of us that don’t live and work in a Megaopolis, and have to drive through the countryside to inspections… :cool:

Or those living in L.A. and sit in stop-n-go traffic for two hours to travel 11 miles!! (been there, done that). :shock:

Does Inspection news still have that “Inspection Radio” widget ?

I am not sure how well that went over when introduced.

There may be a very small Niche Market.

Nachi.Radio ???

Cd , possible smoke signals for Bob ( would help with his visual aspect lolol .)