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Nick the lead broker…LMAO this is like HON on steroids.


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Nick the lead broker…LMAO this is like HON on steroids.

What, you don’t wanna save 5 bucks so a corporation so can make hundreds or more?

I can not see one single advantage for signing up with Porch.

So Nick if you are pushing Porch so much and will be ramming it down our throats can you make a statement that you are Pro for selling Clients info as an official position aka RWS ? Will NACHI as an association follow suit in the near future ?..If not …Why not …?

I’ve been with NACHI for over 10 years.

It’s sad how this place has changed to little more than a data gathering org for Vendors.

You have very good vision Chris. You cannot see 1 single advantage for signing up with porch as an inspector, that’s because there is none !!


I see that you will continue to maintain the existing paid BuyBack program for inspectors who do not sign onto Porch.

You should establish a different marketing logo and verbiage for those inspectors who offer the BuyBack program without selling out their clients.

I’m lost. InterNACHI doesn’t release any data to anyone and never has. So I just don’t know how to reply.

What is causing you to believe InterNACHI is releasing data or is a “lead broker” or any of that?

If there is no releasing of information how does the company you own part of obtain it ?

I’m guessing the answer to that is " I don’t own, MICB does."

Nick said he personally purchased a portion of Porch in order to know exactly what’s going on.

By the time I explain the the Porch + Buy Back program to my client I could be in and out the attic with photos. Now add those 15 odd minutes X TheNumberOfInspectionsPerYear and well you know it begins to add up Vs. what it appears you get back… :-k

Thing is people hire me for my inspection skills not for HardToDefineInLessThanTenWords gimmicks. Besides when I’m done with a job I really don’t want callbacks for any reason. All this stuff just encumbers an otherwise simple transaction and either creates extra liability or the potential to drain time from my schedule.

Jury is still deciding on the Buy-Back program.

NACHI is great, you get the opportunity to hash stuff out, see how other members view things and in the end vendors learn what the profession wants and what members are willing to pay for.

Even IF Nachi doesn’t directly do the selling of the data, you certainly promote and partners who do, so lets simply call that Guilt by association at a minimum. Of course that is IF what you say is true.

The fact still is you put together strategic partnerships and deals all based on Data collecting and selling and using of that collected data.

You love to dance around the truth and play semantics all the time, but the truth is as Transparent as a squeaky clean piece of crystal.


And donated it to the Certified Master Inspector board.

I expect that the info will go to Porch first and Porch will block pay into the BuyBack program.

So what is the CMI board and how do we get information on finances including Porch ownership which IMO puts a dark cloud on CMI status.

Assuming Porch actually has to pay for the program!!!

MICB posts its 990 tax returns every year at Certified Master Inspector® Resources | Certified Master Inspector®

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Nonsense. Although I don’t know or control what other companies do, I can say with 100% certainty that InterNACHI never releases any data to anyone ever. As for Porch, as far as I know, they don’t either.