InterNACHI members now get 7% off at Lowes when signed up w Porch/Buy Back Guarantee

InterNACHI members now get 7% off at all Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores when they participate in Porch and the free “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee: The InterNACHI® Buy-Back + Porch Program - InterNACHI

So now member benifits are decided by if we’re signed up with porch??? :frowning:

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Why would we need to sign up with Porch?

Can’t we just make a link in our website that says “Client Personal Info”, and then Porch, ADT, Lawn Care contractors, etc. can just click on the link and retrieve all our Client’s personal information?

It seems like a lot to go through to get our Client’s personal info into the hands of scammers and spammers, when we could just provide an easy link.

Maybe we could have a fee for clicking on the link–that way the inspector can get paid directly for providing Client information, instead of the 3rd Party collecting all those $$$$ :roll:


No thanks, I’ll pass. This is just more useless enticements Nick promotes for Home Inspectors to Release their clients information (a COE Violation) and a total Ethical sham.


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It’s not a membership benefit we’re offering. Porch is offering it to InterNACHI members who sign up with them.

InterNACHI membership benefits are here: Inspector Membership Benefits and Competitive Advantages - InterNACHI

Looks like Porch is getting desperate at attracting INachi members.

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That’s true Chris. Sadly their are some that feel they need to use gimmicks to be a quality inspector and have no problem with selling their clients information for a handful of gimmicks. If the would all get wise and stop using this ridicules data collection porch junk being shoved down their faces and also stop using ISN and all other data collecting vendors that would be a great positive step forward for the Home Inspection Industry.


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Porch can’t win with you guys. You complain they aren’t incentivizing you enough with just the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarante, so they add in additional incentives like a 7% discount at Lowes… and you now say Porch is acting desperate.

What do you want from Porch?

It is not an InterNACHI benefit…

From the start Porch has offered to extend their 7% discount at Lowes.

Some will never be won over no matter what the offer is.
I touched on a subject awhile back that it really seems like some are too caught up on the perceived monetary value of client data.
Some have a firm belief that each client is worth thousands of dollars and think that Porch is trying to get off cheap with offering to pay for the Buy Back Program, at $5 per shot.
These same people do not care that Porch has also offered to give each client over $200 off is repair services, simply because that money will not sit in the inspectors wallet, so therefore it is of zero benefit.

I see this broke down to 4 types of people.

  1. Will accept anything that is told to them and believe that every program is some magic quick revenue button.
  2. Will review each offer with an open mind and determine if it fits within their current model or can enhance their model.
  3. Will not change their current model, for any reason. or simply do not want to be involved.
  4. Will try to destroy any and all new programs, regardless of the real, perceived, or false value.

New business and programs will make the most money off of #1, and maintain longevity if they can successfully attract and maintain #2.

Unfortunately there have been many good startups that have spent too much time trying to win over #3 and convince #4 that they lose focus.

Then there’s number 5, which starts out just like #2, but ethics and empathy bring them to the first portion of #3. Just take out “for any reason”.

I have reviewed every single program offered by these slick talking vendors since I joined in 2012, and every time my morals, ethics, and empathy for my clients prevails.

If there’s ever a** legitimate** program that doesn’t require the release of client information I’ll be all in. I realize my client’s information is being bombarded from everyone from Google to Pizza Hut surveys, but it won’t come from me–ever.

That’s a promise I made to my clients, and to myself long ago

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I think you meant to say porch Can’t win /

Porch and those promoting them are simply bad for biz, yup OUR Biz not threes. The home inspection business is OUR profession and most of us are getting sick and tired of a few vendors pushing there garbage on us and trying to entice and even pay for our clients information so that they can make there money off of our work.

What they off is laughable to say the least. % bucks for a buy back guarantee? haha what a joke, this 7% discount is also a joke and less than anyone can get on their own every time you move, or in the military, or have a handicap, or are a student etc… the discounts are there if you just ask.

I have worked out MANY much better discounts for my clients and they get them all if they want and they don’t need to release any data to anyone for them if they don’t want to.

True marketing is a special skill and not a sham like what is going on in this industry with a few vendors and some promoters of them. All of this does nothing but make money for the data collectors and harms the rest of us and the industry as a whole.


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Absolutely. I ALWAYS ask, It embarrasses the wife, but I do.

I usually get about 10% at Lowes and at Home Depot, 15% at Kohl’s, 5-10% at any restaurant I go to, I sometimes can even get 10% at KMart. I just ask. I joke with them. I tell them I need the “old people’s discount”. I ask for a manager if need be. But I always ask. And with about a 95% success rate.

The only place I haven’t been successful is with my General Practitioner, my Lawyer, and at WalMart.

By the same token, it usually works with my clients. If they ask, I’ll usually give some type of discount. If they don’t ask, I ask them. Military? Fire Dept? Public Service? Single Parent? The clients love that I ask them or show them how they can get a discount.

I call it “marketing” :wink:

I agree with the above post, and it embarrasses my wife also. Most recently we got about 18% off on some new appliances, I was hoping for 10%, asked and got more by keeping my mouth shut and playing the wait and see game.

I think we will end up with 2 groups of inspectors. To be fair with Porch this may end up being a good deal to those who offer the Porch deal, we just dont know yet.

Good goin’ Paul! I got 20% off a new dishwasher a couple months ago. The sales guy was with us, then another customer jumped in and took about 45 minutes. We just waited. We explained we had to leave to pick a child up from school. The sales guy apologized, and said come back and see me and I’ll give you 15% off any d/w you want. We came back, he wasn’t there. The next sales guy said he’d honor the deal. We picked one, a very expensive ultra quiet one, and he said “we can’t honor the discount on that one”. At that point I just close my mouth, fold my arms and let them deal with the wife. 10 minutes later they’re loading it on my truck, throwing in a new supply hose and shut off valve, and giving 20%.

What’s that saying… Hell knoweth not the fury…:stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, my North Dakota small town wife loves a bargain but is too shy to ask for one. Sometimes she goes out to the car, I’ll get in and say nothing until she finally asks what happened and I love being able to say “we got a deal”.

I always the respect the seller, never give an insulting lowball offer and more often than not everyone is happy with the outcome.

I was told by someone from a country called India he asks for a discount no matter what, he swears everyone will negotiate, I think most will but not all.

Next time you buy a used car (if you buy used cars) show up 1 hour before closing time on Saturday. Lets make a deal!:cool:

What do I want from Porch?

For them to go away.

They do more harm to the industry than good.

Any inspector signing up for Porch programs is like a taxi driver signing up for Uber
Porch wants inspectors to be dependent on them.
Porch wants clients to be depend on Porch to recommend them to their next home inspector.

A porch incentive is no different than the Evil Queen offering Snow White the tainted apple. It doesn’t matter how good the incentive looks, it’s still poison.

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I signed up with porch a few months ago through ISN before I realize that it was illegal in New Jersey and I have yet to receive one referral from them.