InterNACHI discount on property adjustment training.

Isnt there a lot more involved in the state of CA to do this???

Is anyone doing this is it really worth it at $400 to start and $240 a year that’s a lot of bread

What a coincidence…I joined this school about two years ago and as it happens it got pushed to the back burner for some reason or another (my wife and I moved…blah blah). I can say this school has a lot of information, including marketing, and everything you need to get started. Not to mention when I first signed up Mark Houser , the owner, called me and gave me all of the info I needed and answered my questions. We were on the phone for over an hour. I thought that was extrememly generous of him. I never got licensed so I never applied the info. so I can’t give any success stories. My biggest issue was it being a conflict of interest which they’re pretty serious about, at least in Louisiana. “I noticed your roof is damaged, so, why don’t I represent you as a public adjuster too”. They might start guessing which issues are real and which are for more business. I’m curious to see what others think.

Actually this is a very lucerative market but a lot of training and mentoring which is good but its like trying to do pest inspections/appraisals lot of hours under someone else before you can move on.