InterNACHI Draft Proposal to the EPA for Consideration

6-min Video Describes EPA’s Problem:

InterNACHI’s Proposal to Solve It:
“Properly trained inspectors can act as observers, proficient in the oversight of the lead-safe work practices that must be utilized by contractors.”

EPA-InterNACHI-proposal-2.pdf (23.9 KB)

Let Them Know:
Contact the EPA directly and let them know that you, as an InterNACHI inspector, are willing to be called upon to help educate the American homeowner-consumer about lead-safe practices. Contact EPA Enforcement and Compliance Office.](


Can we get a badge to carry around? I would like to arrest a few contractors!

I don’t think this will work in Illinois. We have had a state licensing program for lead abatement since the 90’s I believe. I was a licensed risk assessor back then. It may work in unregulated states.

Ben, you might want to reword this, it doesn’t make sense:

"Hardly a problem whose domain is Third World regions that have substandard construction or inspection practices, the health hazards caused by heavy-metal contamination in the U.S. cannot be underestimated, so it’s worth reviewing what those hazards are as they pertain to lead. "

Recognition of InterNACHI by the EPA would allow a member to leverage his/her membership to get inspection work.

Doing good work (overseeing contractors’ lead-safe work practices) will be good for business.