Federal U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approves InterNACHI's Lead course.

EPA approves InterNACHI’s Lead Safety RRP course](http://cfpub.epa.gov/flpp/searchrrp.cfm?Applicant_Type=TRAINING&static=true&qlat=40.0521545112133&qlong=-105.19627176225185&Discipline=Renovator&TxtLocation=80301+++&distance_1=50&state_2=&doSearch=Yes)

Can you imagine what it’s like to be a non-member? Eeeehhh, chills just went down my spine. It must be horrible.


This is great news! Can you post a link to the Lead Training class.


Got the certificate from the EPA today: http://www.nachi.org/epa-rpp.htm

Where are the final two hours taught and when?

** Six hours of this course is online and free to InterNACHI members. If you are not a member, and you’d like to take this online course, contact ben@internachi.org. The required two hours of hands-on training is available through the InterNACHI School for a fee. This course is EPA approved.**

We’re holding them at InterNACHI chapter meetings, once we see enough members complete the online portion.

I assume I’d be welcome at a Colorado chapter meeting right? We don’t have those up here in the boonies. If I can attend one of those great, let me know. I’ll get the online done and be prepared.

Keith, you are always welcome. I just hate to see you drive so far. Are there any bigger towns between us where we can do an event and hold this 2-hour class for you and others?

Ha!!! Funny guy Nick. There are no towns between you and I. Only 400 miles of the most beautiful open countryside in America. We’re used to driving :slight_smile: My wife and I would gladly go to one of classes if we can be kept informed of when they would be. Just a week or so would be enogh time to arrange the trip. I’m still laughing “bigger towns” between Rapid City and Boulder!!! ROFL!!! My treat at Pizza Colore when the class is available. Let me know.


maybe fly to colorado?

Nanci, it’s actually easier to drive and waaay cheaper. Less than a 7 hour drive. Airport (DEN) is an hour drive to Boulder. $300 ticket (x2) and a rental car. No thanks. 400 miles out here is a lot easier than 400 miles in Pennsylvainia. probably do half the trip without even seeing another car :slight_smile:

Find me some cheap farmland out there.

What you plan on growin’, Nick? :shock:

Decent ranch land can be had for as little as $400 an acre but typically you buy it in sections. So lets say you want 15 or 20 sections. That would run you about $4 million. That’s enough to start a good sized buffalo ranch. Friend of mine has 450 sections just east of here but don’t think he’s in the mood to sell. A lot of these guys are finding out there is oil under the ground right now. Big land shakeup. Who know where it will go. We may have more oil up here than Saudi Arabia.

Does this mean if we pass the course we can remediate lead?

[quote=“mmerino, post:17, topic:57341”]

Does this mean if we pass the course we can remediate lead?/qu

Not quite!! There is still a field class that has to be completed. Cost around $200. Then check with your state. Here in Texas it cost $308 for a 2 year term as well.