InterNACHI in France?

One of our new projects is to establish InterNACHI in France.
I will be traveling there this summer and am currently in touch with people in the Real Estate and the Home Building industry.

Kenton and I will be working on this project in the following months.
I am also hoping that my ability to translate will come of use if we decide to adapt the courses to the French market.

As of now we don’t have any French members, let’s change that!

These should keep Kenton busy! :mrgreen:

( )…

I bet you have a few French Canadian ones :slight_smile:

Your last sentence is incorrect. :mrgreen:
J’ai pas mal de contacts dans la region Parisienne, dans le monde de l’immobilier ainsi que dans le diagnostique immobilier.

PM me if you would like some help

Thanks guys!

When I say that we don’t have any French members, I mean members in France… We have, of course, many French Canadian members!