InterNACHI releases French home inspector exam.

The log-in is in English still, but the exam is all in French.

Many thanks to Giles and Alysse for their efforts on this project.

Wow I knew you could do it! Fantastic, thank you Alysse and Gilles Nick and all of InterNACHI. A leap forward indeed.Merci à vous tous!

Thank you Alysse & Gilles for doing this!

Got to try it now, hope I pass…

This was not a small undertaking, but well worth it! And this is just the beginning of what is happening - and will continue to happen - with InterNACHI in Québec. We are well on our way to becoming a major player in Québec as we already are in the rest of Canada. Just watch us…

Ceci n’a pas été une sinécure, mais plutôt le contraire et qui en vaut la peine! Ce n’est qu’un départ sur l’avance que prendra InterNACHI au Québec. Nous sommes bien sur l’autoroute et InterNACHI sera bientôt une entité importante au Québec, comme elle l’est dans le reste du Canada. Regardez-nous aller!


Also… French Exam INTRO page released just now:

I like the introduction in Français. I proudly took and passed the exam en Français! Oui monsieur/ (Yes Sir)! Merci interNACHI.

Super bonne action! Merci à Alysse et Gilles!

Merci à vous! N’hésitez pas à me faire part de vos commentaires.

Way to go guys! You too Alysse. InterNachi is Leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

Bon travail! Merci pour le temps investis!


This an excellent example as to why NACHI will be fully recognized by all the players in Ontario. This information should be forwarded to the CSA and the Ministry of Consumer Relations and Prism as to the excellence of this organization.

Kudos to all involved.

Ontario has more and more French speaking inspectors, a lot expatriates from Québec (and I don’t blame them…) so this is appropriate, in spite of some people spelling their names with ALL CAPS (in Québec) may think! BTW, sad to say, NHICC’s website is STILL unilingual while CMI’s**is bilingual! **


GEE KEVIN, thanks for your recognition!


BTW:** NICK is coming to Québec!** More in the next few days! Stand by!


You want respect from me Gilles you have a very long ways to go!!!

One would ask which came first the chicken or the EGG?