InterNACHI Inspection Image Gallery into HIP File

How do I pull images from the InterNACH Image Gallery and have them available to link them to my HIP damage comments?

I tried to save image as in the Photo Library within the Home Inspector Pro Program Files on my computer but it says I do not have administrative permissions to add files there. Any thoughts?

I save them individually and then upload them to a canned comment.

Create a separate folder on your desktop for such files. Download images and save to that folder. Then when you want to add it to your template, click edit comment, in the edit tool bar click the add/attach photo, find that folder in the pop up window, then the particular image, ok/save. Then click save template. Once you do that, it should copy to the HIP library automatically.

If the NACHI images save as web links to your desktop, which some do, right click on it and choose Save As or Edit to convert it to a jpg or png file, depending on your computer’s OS. You will need to do this before adding it to your template.

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Thanks, I appreciate the detailed response.

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