InterNACHI inspector booth at Spring Home Show in Sudbury, ON on March 25-26, 2011.

Booth manned by InterNACHI member Paul Richer.

Thanks Paul!

BTW Nick, any chance you could see your way to ship a pile of “Now that you’ve had a HOME inspection…” Books](

to the event maybe get a bulk rate on shipping. I don’t mind paying for them ahead and then pick them up at the show. I like the idea of the book and I for one would use it but paying almost twice again the price for shipping to Canada makes it prohibitive. How about the rest of the inspectors out there, any interest? Might also get a few more out to the show. First posted re Erin home show but can go here as well. I could pick up a bunch here to take to the Erin show for delivery.

maybe there should be a Canadian distributor?

About a week ago Nick was looking for someone up here to do just that not sure if he found someone. I have been using the book for almost a year. Just recieved 4 boxes and the shipping cost $147.96 and it took over aweek to arrive by fedex. Ttotal cost per book at my door $2.46 not all that bad as long as the price of the book stays where it is.

What would be even better would be to put it on CD’s

That would work and would say money on shipping and trees