InterNACHI inspector booth at Indiana State Fair on August 4, 2013.

Inspector booth manned by member Louis Annee of

Thank Louis!

So, why are you advertising a company that doesn’t follow InterNACHI rules??? Where is our “Equal Prominence”???

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The question/remark was directed at Nick, not you. If I want your opinion, I’ll call one of your cult members.

What rule am I not following? If I am breaking a rule I am unaware of it. Please specify

Already did… see the quote above.

IMO, the InterNACHI logo (with the hyperlink to Verify being inactive) DOES NOT meet the requirement of the rule. InterNACHI should also be listed on the quoted page, along with the other Orgs.

Also… does Indiana specify that you abide by ASHI standards? If not, you need to also state, and link to, the InterNACHI standards, as you did with ASHI… OR… remove the statement regarding ASHI.

That is what I thought. Glad you have this much time on your hands. By the way the site was built by inspector which is endorsed and recommended by this group. Good to know you are pissed at the world

I know your webmaster very well. I have had one of their sites for over six years! As for the content, YOU are responsible to verify it is correct (if they actually added your personal content) which they normally don’t. You do!

How long does it take for a member to read a post, and go to another members website, and see GLARING infractions of the rules of the Association? If you have any clue at all, about 90 seconds!

I call it as I see it. Don’t like it, put me on ignore! That won’t stop me from doing my duty as a Member of this Association in calling out errors. Did you even READ the Membership information when you joined, or were you too arrogant to bother?

Are you saying he needs the verification logo/link on his site ?
I’m not challenging you , but where are the rules on this subject so I know I’m in compliance.
I read them a while back ,but can’t find them now.

Roy L.

It is posted above, and is at the bottom of the “Membership” page…

He has the logo, but the link is inactive. Irregardless, on his “About” page (also quoted above) he makes no mention about InterNachi in the text, as he does with the others.

Check my page out and tell me what I need to fix if any .

I only gave it a “30-second” check as I’m headed out to my afternoon appointment, but, since you asked… your fee’s are too low!!!

Or, are you actually “charging what you are worth”? :twisted:

It is competative in my area.

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Thanks Nathan! It is not actually a booth but it will be a display set up at the Angies List stage/tent. I will be giving a one hour presentation on indoor air quality. Any advise or good illustrations you guys know of let me know

Indoor air quality or mold? Two can be very different

Indoor air quality…I steer clear from mold if possible…lol