Another 30-year ASHI member upgrades to InterNACHI membership.

Posted with permission:

It never fails to surprise me, that InterNACHI benefits are far more superior to HI’s than ASHI. Yet lawmakers continue to listen to the smaller of the two associations about implementing state licensing laws. Something is severely amiss in government. Home buyers continue to receive home inspection reports that are basic and standard, due to state SOP’s and HI laws and regulations that are basic, and minimal.

InterNACHI has been awarded more than 1,200 governmental approvals (more than all other associations and schools combined), so I can’t complain much about state licensing laws.

Nick, IMO, being a member of InterNACHI, taking 50 CEU’s every year, have a minimal amount of insurance, should be enough to satisfy the whims of REA’s who want state licensing, and lawmakers of the states involved. Even InterNACHI SOP’s should be enough. It is not, in the eyes of REA’s. States want their own basic, minimalist SOP’s to appease their REA lobbyists.

I recommend any state pushing state HI laws, must create the SOP’s and codes of ethics before the laws are passed, and implement state wide home building codes. In the past in most states after laws are passed and state HI boards are created, all the boards do is create SOP’s rules and regulations to cater to the whims of their buddy lobbyists and special interests, who push HI laws into play.

Are Missouri and Kansas listening?