InterNACHI is a Gold Sponsor of the Atlantic City Inspection Conference.

See you there! I’m already packed :smiley:

I am pineing to go but just can not make it I have Inlaws In NJ:mrgreen:

Never heard of this company. Why go? Spam? Who needs an HI conference? I guess the east coast needs a break. Where is the NACHI conference/convention?

The Vegas event is over 90% InterNACHI attendees. I ask from the stage each year “How many here are InterNACHI members ?” and nearly every hand goes up. It’s become an annual InterNACHI convention in essence.

I also did the InspectorBoost Tour of about 40 cities in 2012 and will begin the 2013 InspectorBoost Tour with all new material starting in September.

You’ve never heard of COA? They’ve been around for 20 years. They ran ITA, the largest physical inspection school (with InterNACHI obviously being the largest online).

And you don’t climb roofs either Gary you should really get out of KC more often:(:wink:

Michael Casey and Kevin O’Malley have always been strong supporters of InterNACHI. During my recent InspectorBoost Tour, Michael opened for me in San Diego and Kevin opened for me in Vegas.

Then get them to sponsor an InterNACHI convention. Sad that these events are not talked about on this message board. If they were, like Nathan promotes his business, attendence would be greater. Perhaps a class on walking on roofs, and the liability in doing so, would be beneficial.

And there is Charley’s cue :smiley:

They are talked about you just don’t listen two ears and one mouth and your always talking.

I was at the last one and it was talked all over the board where were you. I did take their roofing course and not once did the instructor suggest inspecting from the ground or from the ladder or how one can damage the roof by walking on it:p

There is a old county song called (Just call me Lomesome from now on)

Change that song to (Just call me Spiderman from now on):D:D