PRO-LAB and InterNACHI purchased COA's Vegas Inspection Conference held every Oct.

I’m pleased to announce that PRO-LAB and InterNACHI have bought out Casey O’Malley Associates’ Vegas Inspection Conference which is held every year in October. We now own it.

Our first order of business is to dramatically lower the cost of admission.

We are bringing several celebrities to the event including Paul Sr. from Orange County Choppers:

Next month, I’ll be building a new website for the show.

Many thanks to Kevin O’Malley for a smooth negotiation and for allowing us to purchase the inspection industry’s largest annual event. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

More information coming soon.

Can’t wait to see it this year!


See you there.

My main concern is if Ashi members still show.

I’m expecting 2,500+ inspectors. Inspection industry event of the century.

Way to go Nick!

What’s the dates Nick? Mid November?

WOW Great news. See you there

Now, all that remains is for the conference to be held in the Midwest for once. :slight_smile:

Or how about having someone from the home renovation industry.


So…will any other labs be there? EMSL, etc.

Yes, every vendor can attend.

Excellent 1-day event coming to Wisconsin in May:

Will/does that include Nate and his “new” mold testing lab?

That would be boring as the only cool place is Chicago and I need a vacation.:slight_smile:

Congrats on the partnership and purchase. I hope I am able to go.

Yeah you Chicago guys could still go to Vegas, but the Midwest has no real large conference nearby. Chicago is perfect for it. Or St. Louis or Indy. There’s a lot of small town inspectors that would love a trip to Chicago.

Sure, if the lab is accredited by then. :wink:

Chicago halls are expensive to rent and why would anyone wish to visit St Louis or Indianapolis ? You can only stare at the arch for so long.Whats nice about that place is its on the way to all the nice water,hills,and caverns further south.
Frank M is always posting pics from Bull Shoals and Lake Norfolk which when I was a kid had water so clean you could drink it as you swam.

So, Is there going to be an InterNachi Bike there:D

I’m sure the lads at Kounts Kustoms would enjoy the challenge (quick turnaround) and any additional endorsements from Orange County Choppers… Not to mention the international exposure for InterNachi. See you there!