InterNACHI logo article and additional logo advice

“A logo is not a tiny picture that shows people what you do. It’s an image that implies that your services are unique and that what you bring to the job is different than what someone else will.”

If a particular image becomes commonplace in the area where are working try to avoid using those images in your logo. For example: If you are working out of Florida and hundreds of logos have a palm tree, you don’t want to slap a palm tree in your logo because you don’t want to look like hundreds of other companies. Do not copy what is around you because it will not make you stand out, it will make you blend in.

It is always a good idea to create a unique name that ties directly to an image. The name Blue Bird Inspections gives you a tangible connection to work with, even if there is no bird in the logo itself. The name Blue Bird Inspections will always be far more memorable than GBMV Inspections. Pretend that you are playing a drawing game, the word that you use for your company should be easy to create an image for.

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Very happy with my custom designed logo, door magnets and cards. Also the image was easily embroidered on custom shirts.

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