InterNACHI looking for instructors for the South Florida school

Anyone interested in teaching should contact Ben Gromicko (

I’m Willing and able and will send you my resume once it is completed. I may have my first draft by the end of the week. Call me if you want to know what I can teach. As I’d rather talk to you instead of typing it all here.

I hope you are considering Manny Gonzales, speaks Spanish and Spanglish

Please… anyone interested… please don’t type any job histories here. Send résumés to my email address, listed in post#1.

Yes, I enjoyed meeting with Manny and I think for teaching wind bit, he’s the MAN!

He can do much more than that.


He gave me the short, intense overview of wind mit. Unfortunately, I missed his class by about a week.

He has more classes coming up.

Come to the FABI meeting and you can take the wind mit and Four point class

He thought his next wind mit class is in July.


Did you change the first enty. I thought it said something completely different?

The FABI class is a joint class with three of us. I believe he is currently teaching a licensing class.


What all is offered at the upcoming June FABI conference

You don’t want to miss Dr. Joe, he is the best and always packs the room.

Dr. Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D. with Building Science Corporation will be speaking to us Saturday on the following topics:
“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”
Mold problems in Florida due to venting attics with radiant barriers, tile roofs, increasing ceiling insulation to R-38 and moving air handlers into interior closets/mechanical rooms.
“To Vent or Not to Vent”
Low density spray foam, high density spray foam, netted cellulose, fiberglass batts in vented and unvented roof assemblies.
“Stucco: The Next EIFS?”
What is going on with all the stucco issues in Florida? Oh, by the way, what is going on with all the stucco issues in North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Texas?
“Size Matters”
Part load humidity problems and ventilation.

Manny Gonzalez will finish out Saturday with an excerpt of The Full Home Inspection.

Then on Sunday, Glenn Stephens with G. Stephens & Associates will educate us on the proper way to perform a roof inspection.

Plus, optional additional courses and credits planned for Friday, June 9(wind mitigation and four point) for those wishing to earn all 14 renewal credits for their HI license or just wanting refreshers.

Thanks John

** I do not think anything is on the 9th unless not published on the link see below, Any idea on how much time will be spent on the Stucco issues?

Also what method does Manny teach for measuring the perimeter the traditional way or Robert Shepherds interpretation? Thanks in advance for the answers if you have them.

2017 Conferences
Summer Conference
June 10 &11
Safety Harbor Resort & Spa
Safety Harbor (Tampa)

$109 per night (Resort fee waived)
1-888-237-8772 (Mention FABI Group for discounted room rate)
Reservation deadline is May 12, 2017

The 9th is the Wind Mit and four point class:
Friday, June 9
8 a.m. Four Point InspecƟons and Roof CerƟficaƟons ‐ SEPARATE REGISTRATION REQUIRED
1 p.m. Wind MiƟgaƟon CerƟficaƟon and ConƟnuing EducaƟon SEPARATE REGISTRATION REQUIRED
5 p.m. Board of Directors MeeƟng

I do not have Dr. Joe’s schedule.

Manny teaches wind mitigation roof perimeter measurements the same way many of the other instructors in the state do. The roof drawing on measuring the roof, that Robert doesn’t like, was designed by one of the developers of the wind mitigation program and is the generally accepted practice. It is not Manny’s graphic, he is using with permission. As for Manny’s class as many others, there is a discussion with those that developed the program and a continual conversation when warranted.

Robert Sheppard is making up his own interpretations. Robert said for many years he doesn’t do wing mitigations and he was not there when the program or forms were developed. His interpretation is based solely on a code inspection(he is a building inspector), but wind mitigation was never supposed to be a code inspection. Robert does make many good points and points out the numerous flaws with the program.

His interpretations are just not generally accepted and I have never seen him teach a class on the subject. Last time I looked he didn’t have any approved classes. I have asked him to write one and offered to let him help with one, he declined. I did sit through one of his Stucco classes and it was a copy of building codes and ASTM standards. Someone should explain to him what a bonding agent is because it was a big miss in his class.

He sat through an abbreviated wind mit class of mine and did nothing but interrupt the whole time.

I do have to thank Robert, because of the constant attacking on here and elsewhere I started the Florida Inspectors Facebook page(link below). We get lots of good questions and answers for all types of inspection stuff in the state.

Enter Robert…

I certainly did not intend to attack you? I only wondered what is being currently Teach and by who. I know Robert’s Ideas and was curious of Manny’s

I am well aware certain people preach certain ways of doing things and I did not know Manny’s approach. Hey it seems to me if you follow the directions on the CURRENT form and technical definitions of words that would be the way to do it. I do know Robert has his reasons for why he say what he says and in theory they seem to make sense but I believe the OIR MUST be the ones to make the determinations because I believe just about anyone who can write could get a Course approved even if they saw things differently than most or the same as either.