InterNACHI Lottery

I must say, belonging to InterNACHI really is like winning the lottery! My first year in inspections, I was paying $85 or $100 per CE test, worth 4 or 5 credits toward my State required CE credits. They require 8 every year. Once I joined InterNACHI, all the credited courses are absolutely free, plus I’m not just cramming to get credits, I was actually learning the material!

My logo stunk, and I really wanted to change it. Then my domain name expired without my knowledge. So I needed a new logo, and new marketing material. Business was pretty slow. But here came InterNACHI again. My logo was designed for free, and I got a super deal on some newly designed cards (also designed for free), plus some free marketing material.

I even got free “CPI” stickers to put on my vehicle. When I roll up to an inspection, or to the grocery store, my vehicle is looking professional.

I have been hooked up with maintenance manuals to give out to clients, Success in Marketing Books, A Certified Professional Inspector T-shirt, Home Energy guides, help with obtaining CMI© and much, much more.

Most colleagues are willing to help. They are like family. And like family, sometimes we don’t like each other, sometimes we bicker, and even demean each other. But at the end of the day, these guys are like family-I love them all-even when they are being a pain in the #$$…

Any Home Inspector who does not want to join, or think he doesn’t need to join InterNACHI is setting his inspection business up for imminent failure. Period.

When I give presentations to Real Estate offices (InterNACHI will show you how to do that, too), my favorite subject is telling them about InterNACHI. I don’t need to tell them about my inspections, they don’t really care. They do care that their client is well taken care of. With InterNACHI behind me, I can assure them they have the BEST guy with the BEST organization, period. There simple is no comparison.

I could never thank Nick Gromicko and my friends and colleagues at InterNACHI enough.

If you’re considering joining, there’s nothing to consider. Just do it. If you don’t “make” your yearly fee back in 3 months, you shouldn’t be in business as a Home Inspector.

Just venting…:smiley:

You have joined a professional “brotherhood” like no other!:smiley:

I’m a new guy, and I agree completely.

Thanks and I agree … your friend…Roy …

Great to hear such a good report. Thanks.

I can honestly say, I love being a member of InterNACHI. The courses are full of detail. I just went for an outside certification for another license that I hold and before I went in for the test, I re took the NACHI roof courses that Kenton instructs. They are very thorough.

It is amazing how much InterNACHI does for their members.

Ed Rossi
FL State Certified Home Inspector HI-1583
FL State Certified Real Estate Appraiser RD-3731
FL Licensed Public Adjuster A226670

Thanks Michael!

I highly recommend everyone watch or re-watch these videos. This is just a sample of what InterNACHI does for us. I have been a member of organizations where you pay your dues, you get an introduction packet and then…that’s about it. InterNACHI ACTIVELY, that’s the keyword “ACTIVELY” provides benefits, education, new classes, legal advice, business tactics, new webinars, new discounts, etc. InterNACHI is always coming out with new benefits for their membership. Take a moment to sent Ben, Nick, Chloe, Lisa, and the other staff members a “Thank You”. There is no member organization like InterNACHI.

Edward Rossi
FL State Certified Home Inspector HI-1583
FL State Certified Real Estate Appraiser RD-3731
FL Licensed Public Adjuster A226670