InterNACHI member running for President of the United States

I am pleased to announce that member Mark Eberwine is running for President of of the United States:

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건승을 기원합니다…


I wish him the best but he is not a good speaker and lacks passion.

Good Luck, however, the future looks bleak.
I guess your Inspection business making way too much money if you have the deep pockets to run for president.
Keep the faith,
Indianapolis, IN


I wish him the best, but the race is already on and this is the first time that I’ve heard of him.

He has some good ideas, but unfortunately in today world it takes hundreds of millions if not billions to run for POTUS.




I see the comments here about how someone speaks, how great the inspection business must be to burn money to run, etc, etc. Im presuming those are the folks that are happy with the state of the country by the communist regimes that have been in place? We have a guy running that is you, he is me, he comes out of the ditches and is just an average citizen, he isnt the rich, he isnt politically connected and he isnt an elitist. He is just an average Joe that had the guts to try make a change and force the establishment to make a change.

Remember this great speakers has gotten us where we are today.
The people with lots of money running our country has gotten us where we are today.
People with experience has gotten us where we are today.

If you are ok with where we are today remember we are bankrupt as a nation with over 30 trillion in debt. We have to work longer to retire. We pay an exorbitant amount in taxes. Your home is so over taxed that you dont own it, you rent it from the government.

We have a system where you as a business pay tax on what you make, you then pay an employee and he pays tax on the money you already pated tax on, he spends that money and pays a tax on the money he already payed tax on, when he buys something tangible such as a car or home he then pays tax each year to own the some car or home he has owned for 10 years straight. So before you worry about how someone sounds, looks, or how he works to make his money, lets worry about the sad state of our country we are leaving for our kids.

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Just a small correction here, businesses do not pay taxes on employee compensation. It is fully deductible for the business.



Same 'ole, same 'ole no matter who’s the president or who’s running congress…



Not exactly, it is not a dollar for dollar deduction on what is paid from the gross income and in fact does not include things such as unemployment taxes. Now if you want to say the consumer pays the tax because it’s figured into the price for services or products I will agree l, however the fact is that dollar IS TAXED AT THAT LEVEL.

Now let’s take it further and let’s take that same dollar with the scenario above and let’s say when the employeee spends that already tax dollar at let’s say that fine western establishment called Starbucks then Starbucks pays tax on that dollar, they pay their employees that are taxed and the system repeats it’s self over and over until the dollar is completely depreciated.

Nick has a great break down on the further depreciation of said dollar compared from the 60’s until current time maybe he can repost.

I would ask that rather than try to totally confuse the issue with semantics that we point out that the dollar is taxed at ever level from being made to being spent and that we rent our house from the government

Which proves my point of my response, as long as people keep doing what they have always done they will continue to have what they have always had.

So what you are implying is that 100% of every dollar will end up as tax collected by the government. And you are correct. The part left out though is that the government doesn’t put that tax revenue in a giant vault to never see the light of day again. It is spent into the economy to start the process over again.

Consider this; Starbucks keeps a portion of every dollar that passes through their company (called profit). Notice that they don’t have all of these portions of dollars stockpiled in a giant vault? That is because they spend almost all of those portions of dollars. Of course they hoard a few too, which is the proper thing to do in case they need a whole bunch of portions of dollars at once for a big payout. In actuality, businesses and individuals are way better at hoarding portions of dollars than the government is.

Yeah, the gold standard ended in 1971, or so.

The future is now Gen-Z will not make the same mistakes as the Millennials. :thinking: