Thanks to InterNACHI and Nick for all they do

A simple thank you to all InterNACHI staff and Nick for all that you have done for home inspectors and our industry.

Keep up the excellent work.

Truly the best $289 a home inspector will spend on ANYTHING related to this industry.

Other home inspector organizations charge 30% more for membership fees and offer much less in terms of edcucation, benefits, and daily interaction with it’s members or the inspection industry.

Thanks again,
Ray :slight_smile:

Damn I think Ray is running for public office soon!

I second your opinion and thank you for being gracious enough to say thanks.

Ditto. Thanks Nick.

Thank Lisa Endza and Chris Morrell. Together they do it all.

Thanks Nick,Lisa Endza and Chris Morrell your the best.

The other inspector organizations actually provide membership benefits* ??? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

*- Monthly magazines, online listings and discounts on grossly over-priced “educational” seminars don’t count as benefits.