InterNACHI members get a free extra month of ISN (Inspection Support Network).

Plus free InterNACHI content.

What content would that be?

I don’t know exactly. Chris at InterNACHI and Chris at ISN (both geeks) are working on some big joint project together to benefit InterNACHI members who sign up for ISN with this link:

Looks like another $$ maker for someone else than inspectors!!!

For new users only? or existing also

Yipper the pie just keeps decreasing in size everyone wants a slice Whats the ROI

I suspect that ISN users disagree.

Awesome opportunity to try out this “must have” software. Thanks Nick for adding it to our already enormous list of benefits!

I strongly disagree. I make an average of $100 an hour doing inspections so if ISN saves me two hours a month it is worth it and it saves much more than that

Yep. Everyone should sign up:

We approached ISN because we believe that inspectors benefit tremendously from the kind of business management and automation software that they provide. The ROI is two-fold:

  1. Using ISN saves you time that you can spend either improving/marketing your business in other ways (or with your family/fishing buddies/etc!)
  2. ISN makes it easy to do things that you probably aren’t doing/won’t do otherwise. Because it’s so easy to automatically follow up with your clients and the agents you work with, you’ll do a better job of it. For example, ISN automatically tracks agent birthdays—is that something most of you are doing right now?

When you sign up through InterNACHI, you get an extra free month of ISN, and you also get access to a special InterNACHI-inspectors-only version of ISN that come pre-populated with InterNACHI logos and content. We’ll be tweaking that content constantly so that InterNACHI/ISN users get automatic access to a lot of Nick’s best marketing ideas/etc.

How do we get that content if we already use isn?

Hello everyone:

ISN is offering new signups 90 days free if you are an InterNACHI member. You can cancel anytime so ISN takes all the risk in setting up your ISN: loading your agreements, adding your agents and clients. We also offer a free 90 minute one-on-one training all at no cost to you.

Why would we do this? We do it because ISN will make you more money. It saves you time, automates your agreement management, provides automated confirmation and follow-ups email, invoicing and much, much more.

It is simple really: if you find value in ISN you can (like 1,000’s of other companies) keep using it. If not, cancel and you will not be out a penny.

If you are a current ISN user and a member of InterNACHI: The InterNACHI content can be ad
ded into your ISN but will be available sometime next month as we are still finalizing the package.

We are excited to bring InterNACHI members this special opportunity for those who are interested.

We spend our days helping our customers and cannot respond to every post. Please contact us directly at 800-700-8112 or if we can answer any questions or concerns.

With Respect

Dan Huber

I can assure you that this ISN user disagrees.

Thanks Dan.