ISN Users

How many 1 inspector businesses use the ISN software? Is it worth the time investment to setup and learn the system for 1 inspector?

I like it, there is a learning curve though. I have to admit I still do not utilize everything it has to offer. Set up an online 1 on 1 class with one of the staff. They will get you kick started and then their online chat customer support is fantastic.

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Hi Paul!

I am happy to take you for a tour of ISN. I can show you how it can help streamline and automate your business… So you can continue to be busy doing what you do best (Inspecting of course!) instead of emailing agreements and confirmations :slight_smile:

Just let me know. We offer free training and InterNACHI users get ISN free for 90 days to give it a test drive!

ISN is as close to a no-brainer as you are likely to find, even for one inspector shops. The pricing makes it accessible for newly minted inspectors as well as veterans.

Thank you Michelle. I did not know about the extra 30 days for InterNachi members.

I hesitated to use it but I wish I would have used it sooner. It is well worth the time and money. Michelle has patience enough to work with inspectors.

Love this! Inspectors are my family. :slight_smile:

I use it and I love it. It has the ability to grow with my business and that is the best feature 100%.

If you’re thirsty, is it worth to to drink water?

ISN is a no brainer.

I’ve used it since day 1, and I would not be doing what I do without it :slight_smile:

The best part of ISN for a one man shop is you’re no longer a one man shop. ISN is your virtual personal assistant. It might not fetch you a cup of coffee, but it does darn near everything else.

Chris told me that’s coming in the next update!:mrgreen:


ISN & coffee, a winning combination. :smiley:

I’m a one inspector company and I use ISN, ACC, HomeGauge report software, HIP web hosting & InterNACHI!
All of the above makes a perfect fit for me.

If ISN had been available when I first opened my business I would have been a lot more productive. It takes a bit to set it up completely but worth every minute you spend doing so. The number of contacts with clients, listing agents and buyers agents is only limited by your imagination. Add to that the mentoring of Michelle Shishilla on setting up and your golden. If your even considering take Michelle up on a tour.

It may not make that cup of coffee but it sure has made the time to stop and pick up one for me :smiley:

Looking forward to working with you Paul!

I found ISN really easy to set up. I just sent them copies of my client list, realtor list and pre inspection agreement. They did everything for me. Only thing I had to do was set my pricing but Chris walked me through that as well. ISN Rocks.