Ohio Division of Real Estate has approved InterNACHI as a pre-licensing education provider for Home Inspectors

The Ohio Division of Real Estate has approved InterNACHI as a pre-licensing education provider for Home Inspectors. Members in Ohio may now complete InterNACHI’s 86-hour Ohio Pre-Licensing program to become licensed.

This pre-licensing program is open to all InterNACHI members. To start taking the free, online Ohio Pre-Licensing program, join InterNACHI today.

View Ohio’s approval letter.


InterNACHI is the only accredited school in the inspection industry: www.InterNACHI.edu


Does that mean the 45 classroom/120 online hrs. I completed in August through AHIT will not satisfy OHIO requirements once they reopen?

Best to just take InterNACHI’s courses rather than those from an un-accredited school.


Hopefully you guys are working on getting authorized for CEs.

Not necessarily, I attended an online meeting a couple weeks ago in which the superintendent of the program had mentioned that they are in the process of qualifying schools and individual instructors in order to be able to meet the requirements of the state for licensing and CEs. I have no idea how many applications or requests they’ve received but I would imagine this will be an ongoing process.

REAL_ApprovedQualifyingEducationProvidersandCoursesforHomeInspectors.pdf (ohio.gov)

You may want to contact AHIT to check to see if they even applied to be a approved educator.

Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing Home Page

Kevin, we’re already approved by legislation. Only source that is.


Shawn, why risk that they not approve unaccredited schools? Just take InterNACHI’s courses.


I thought you had to be approved by the state to offer courses/classes for CEs??

Reason being, I know a Home Inspector who was considering getting qualified to offer classes and courses for CEs and he told me that it was what he considered a lengthy and expensive process, of course I had that conversation well over a year ago so things surely have change since then.

True for everyone but InterNACHI. InterNACHI was written into the home inspector legislation itself.

If you post the home inspector licensing law, I’ll show you where.


Thanks so much for your response Kevin, I really appreciate it. That’s great advice and I will definitely contact them!
Best regards.

Shawn Conaway

Sure thing Shawn, feel free to ask any questions anytime. This place is an excellent source information.

And to dig down into the law that Bill posted above:

Lawriter - ORC - 4764.08 Continuing education instruction requirements. (ohio.gov)

4764.08 Continuing education instruction requirements.

During each three-year period that a license is valid, a licensed home inspector shall successfully complete not less than fourteen hours of continuing education instruction annually in courses or programs directly applicable to the standards of practice and requirements specified in rules adopted by the Ohio home inspector board pursuant to division (A)(10) of section 4764.05 of the Revised Code.

The superintendent of real estate and professional licensing shall accept only those courses and programs the superintendent approves in accordance with division (A)(8) of section 4764.06 of the Revised Code prior to the date the licensed home inspector completes the course or program. The superintendent shall not include parallel inspections completed by a person for credit toward satisfying the continuing education requirements specified in this section.

Added by 132nd General Assembly File No. TBD, SB 255, §1, eff. 4/5/2019.

I don’t know if this helps but, InterNACHI Is Accredited by the U.S. Dept. of Education.

ACCET was founded in 1974 for the purpose of improving continuing education and training and has been officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Education since 1978 as a “reliable authority” as to the quality of education and training provided by the institutions we accredit.

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I’m sorry, I meant if you post a link to the home inspector licensing legislation (so I can see the entire law), I can point out where InterNACHI gets approval by legislation. It’s not in that particular excerpt.

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4764.05 © (1) “The curriculum is offered by an accredited public or private institution of higher education or a professional organization that has been approved by the board to offer a curriculum.” InterNACH is an accredited institution of higher education: www.internachi.edu It’s the only one in the industry, actually. Then 4764.08 points back to 4764.05 in second paragraph.

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The Division will begin reviewing continuing education applications from course providers starting Apr. 1. You can find more information on the Ohio Home Inspector program here: https://www.com.ohio.gov/real/HomeInspectors.aspx

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