"InterNACHI Membership" PayPal Scam

Hi folks!

There is a scammer right now on PayPal that has created an account called “InterNACHI Membership”. This person has been sending invoices to our members for dues.

This is entirely fake - we do not handle billing with PayPal. If you get an email about this, delete it or report it as not being InterNACHI to spoof@paypal.com. We’ve already contacted them about shutting down the account, but the scammer may try to start more of them.


Thanks for the head up.

It would be appropriate to move this thread to the Members Only section. Scammers watch these threads and use the info/responses to their benefit.
Don’t feed the Trolls!

Thanks for the heads up Tim, and for the insight Jeff (good thinking).


We talked it over and decided to keep this post public, so the maximum amount of people can see it. In this case, someone is just impersonating InterNACHI, not stealing any of our data or hacking our databases, so they will not gain any information by seeing us warn people.

Thanks for the heads up Tim!