InterNACHI Now Listed in PSI System for NHIE Test Takers

InterNACHI is now listed as an approved school for those taking the National Home Inspector Exam. Students who go to a PSI testing center to take the exam will be able to choose 107 InterNACHI from the list of schools.

This enables InterNACHI members to more easily register for the NHIE.

For any questions on this, email the Education Team at


Now that’s pretty cool. Would save future inspectors thousands of dollars in training just to qualify to take the test, not to mention all the other member benefits you get as a Nachi member…

Thanks Nick


Not sure what that means. Do you have to attend a home inspection school to take the NHIE, OR do you have to take the NHIE test AT a school OR ???

Awesome. Thank you, kind lady.

Dan in the states I am licensed they require you to 1st take and pass an approved HI training class in order to be eligible to take the nhie, once all that is completed and you have the required insurance in place, and pay the license fees then you are a state Licensed home inspector.


Well done InterNACHI!

WOW … Never heard you had to take a school of any kind to take the NHIE

Yup, sure do. You need to take and (of course pass) an approved by your state HI class, then and only then can you take the NHIE.


Thank you for all the hard work! I was able to take the NHIE using the new school code without any issues.

In Arkansas you do. 80 hours of classroom before you can take the test.

No. You don’t need to take a course to be able to take the NHIE in VA.