I am looking for feedback on the NHIE exam required by Florida and administered by Pearson Vue that is 200 questions for initial licensure in Florida by testing. Any help would be useful.
Thanks to all Bill Smith

It is a poorly developed exam, but it is what it is. This might help:www.nachi.org/qa.htm

What is the NHIE?

Interesting story for those of us who have been around long enough to remember, as you certainly do.

For the benefit of those who are new to the business, the NHIE was once sold as being the definitive method of telling the more experienced and qualified inspector from the newby. Remember? Passing the NHIE, according to those who sold it, meant that you were “elite” among all of the inspectors who were “afraid” to try.

A few guys took it seriously, but it never really caught on.

Today … while still being the same test … it is sold to states as an entry level exam for brand new inspectors to take prior to being issued a license. It is the first step before actually performing a home inspection for pay. Instead of being “proof” of superior knowledge as once advertised — it is now an indicator of basic minimum skills whereby failing it requires (for another full fee) a re-test prior to getting a license to do your first inspection.

It costs hundreds of dollars more than it is worth and was once owned by ASHI as a revenue generator. Today, it is a matter of question as to who actually benefits financially from this scam.

One thing is certain … it is just as meaningless now as it was then.

When I entered the business
the NHIE
was the ASHI exam
I think it morphed…

into to “something” called “something else” later…
Those in the know…

Know what it is…
just another …

Well for WI it is required to get licensed. I would also purchase the practice test rather than relying on the internachi practice exams. The test is not as easy as some people are telling you.

The NHIE has done more to harm consumers than Ted Bundy.

I took it - what info are you looking for?

Many of the practice exam questions are confusingly similar to the ASHI Exam…

Others might argue the same for INACHI. I personally am not one of those. But, I do hear it said…

is what has effected permanant change on the Home Inspection Industry for the Best… and the overall improvement of the Inspection Business / Industry…

Inspectors today are more informed / educated than at any other time …
because of the NACHI Presence…



I agree with you that Inachi has accomplished more in terms of providing educational and readily available information. It did revolutionize the industry by providing a readily accessible information highway by virtue of this website which is beyond compare. The degree to which it is utilized by the rank and file may in fact be a dissapointment.

I said I was not one of those who believed INACHI to be a deteriment to the industry. I said I hear it a lot. I do, and when I do I expound the virtues of the membership educational benefits to all that will listen. Nick never seems to get the simple message that these negative commentarys about other state or national orgs or tests or whatever casts a negative impression on this organizations members.

Like momma used to say if ya got nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut. These are public forums, I have no problem with Nick having his own opinion about the NHIE but due to the delicate nature of INACHI’s association with Nick as a founder may just be there are times he hold his tongue.

Nick & I are aware of the situations that presented themselves
over the last 10 Years…

While you may argue that our motivations
were questionable or justifiable…
the means of implementation
were necessary…

at the end of the day,
the end result,
has been demonstratively

Home Inspectors
have more access
to information…
continuing education…

than at any time prior to NACHI

that was a goal of NACHI
we have succeeded
in that
(to the financial dismay of others)


I live and work in an area with Home Inspector’s a-plenty. Six or seven years ago, it would seem that no one (at least in my impression) would have performed a home inspection that was not either a Deputy/ICC Inspector or a trades-trained type person… There was value and pride placed on performing our service and the trust that is implied with it.

There are some good folks out there, for sure. But, someone hears how “easy” we have it and are brazen with their sights set on the prize of easy money… I suppose you could make an argument on either side of the coin, but I suppose if someone’s gonna “Go and make some money” Access to education is better than not.

My momma used to say “call 'em like you see 'em”

If the mini orgs don’t like it when they hear me point out that they have no entrance requirements… maybe they should adopt some entrance requirements. If the mini orgs don’t like it when I point out that they have no approved education… maybe they should offer some approved education. If the mini orgs don’t like it when I point out that they have no marketing programs… maybe they should develop some marketing programs. If the mini orgs don’t like it when I point out that they have almost no membership benefits… maybe they should provide their members with some benefits.

Joe Hagarty correctly points out:

Yep. Inspectors are big boys who vote with their membership dues. Joe Hagarty and I didn’t go around with a gun, forcing ASHI members to switch to InterNACHI and there is no fence around InterNACHI keeping members trapped here. We have an absurdly high renewal rate for good reason. InterNACHI is strong because we work hard for our members.

Preparing for NHIE.

For 5 years I’ve taught a 1 day class once a year on Preping for the NHIE, NAHI CRI exam, or varied state licensing exams (like Texas, etc).

Use the NACHI practice exam and Code Check.

After short Seminar I Got about a 95% pass rate for anybody.

Guys it ain’t rocket science. At LEAST 50% of the questions on any home inspector exam are gonna be the same REGARDLESS of whose test.

Simple Questions like …

** **1. How many flips of hand to turn off all service in house / 6
2. Can Neutral & Ground Wires Be Mixed In A Sub-Panel / No
3. How high must entry wires be over a flat roof / 8’
4. What size copper wire for 15 amp breaker / #14

Bottom Line / If you don’t know stuff like this go to HI School or don’t inspect

Here’s a question they should add to their exam pool:

Q: What do you get when you cross an ASHI member with a gorilla?
A: A dumb gorilla.

Just messin’ with ya Brian. :wink:

You get one unhappy dude with a sore butt and one ASHI member.:wink:

Get Real … You Get

Q: What do you get when you cross an ASHI member with a gorilla?
A: A company man that thinks licensing will get him more work and get rid of anybody NOT like him