NHIE vs interNACHI CPI exam

I started the “First year” 12 CPI courses on the 21st of this month, and today I just completed/passed them all. I probably have eye damage from the amount of hours spent doing these courses. I learn best by cramming.

I also just took the online inspector exam for NACHI for the first time, and scored a 91 first time go.

My state requires that I have either 40 hours of training from a state approved course, or take the NHIE test and pass. I was unaware of this at the time of starting all of the courses here, which is why I completed them so quickly. Oh well. So my state is currently not listing interNACHI as an accepted 40 hour training course, and not accepting the online inspector exam for their “Exam” requirement. So it looks like I’m going to have to take the NHIE, as it’s the only one my state approves.

I am coming here to ask those who have taken the NHIE if doing the 12 courses, passing them, and the online inspector exam will be enough to pass the NHIE, as required by my state?

Any input would be appreciated.

First off let me say congratulations, Mason.
Much like yourself, I to cram for best results. I to passed another non elective course prior being a CPI home inspector in my province.
Best of luck with your endeavors.
Robert Young

As for NHIE. Sorry can’t help you. Others will chime in.

Question to the association or whom ever wants to field it. I thought NACHI owns NHIE. Why the double standard in Mason’s state?

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Generally you have to have both .What state are you in.

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Hello Mason,
The NHIE exam will have questions that are not covered in the CPI lessons. Remember that it is a national exam. It will have questions about pools, solar, sprinklers, legal questions and questions about running a business. The test always changes.
In addition, the answers on the test you have to choose from may include more than one correct answer. You have to pick the best answer.
I suggest you purchase the NHIE study guide. It covers all the topics on the test and has practice quizzes.
Best of Luck!


Thanks for your response!

I am located in Montana. Last year they were a “unregulated” state. So they are probably still getting their ducks in a row. I am exhausted from the cramming so I will be taking a day break, going back over my weakpoints. I was thinking of taking the stupid national exam sometime this week. I’ve read so much negative crap on it.

Anyway for Montana the states website says

  • Has successfully completed 40 hours of comprehensive home inspection instruction

(They have a list of approved associations for the 40 hours, however they don’t accept interNACHI which is completely BS because they accept them for CE…)


*has passed a Department approved national examination.

  • Is a member of a national home inspector association.

  • Is covered by a minimum of $100,000 general commercial liability insurance, and a minimum of $100,000 errors and omissions insurance.

  • Is covered under a workers’ compensation policy or has an independent contractor exemption certificate (ICEC) for the occupation of home inspection.

Internachi has lots of exam practice questions, I highly recommend .

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Hey everyone,

Thank you all for your input. I was finally able to find a number to someone who was competent within the Montana Dept of Labor.

I was informed by another member here, and also by the DOL that Montana DOES accept interNACHI as an approved exam, they just don’t have them listed in the approved section for whatever reason.

Thanks everyone.

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Hi Mason,

I’m a new inspector in Montana. All my training came from InterNACHI classes and it was their test that I took. No problem becoming registered. You’ll need 40 credits after getting cleared. You’ll also need your E&O insurance. It was really quite easy.

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Hey there!

Awesome, I’m glad we have some things in common here! I contacted the DOL, they confirmed everything. I guess they just don’t have their requirements up to date…or something.