InterNACHI® Online Inspector Exam Now Proctored

InterNACHI® administrates a proctored version of the InterNACHI® Online Inspector Exam used by colleges and home inspection schools all over the US. It is also available to regulatory entities that require a proctored exam. The exam is proctored in person or virtually by the CNM Community College Assessment Center (

internachi online inspector exam

For more information visit InterNACHI® Online Inspector Examination and scroll down to the “Proctored Version” section on that page.

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Good work, Ben.
Any other provinces?
Should be developed for al provinces.
Vern Mitchinson in Alberta, hopefully I did not spell his name wrong, brought up proctoring when Alberta was discussing regulations a decade back.

Hi, Robert. Good point.
The Online Inspector Exam can now be proctored online for anyone, anywhere with a computer (members and non-members alike).

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Anyone can take the test in a proctor environment through CNM Community College, no matter where the student is located.