Proctored InterNACHI® Online Inspector Exam Now Available Worldwide!

InterNACHI® 's proctored version of the InterNACHI® Online Inspector Exam used by colleges and home inspection schools is now available WORLDWIDE. It is also available to regulatory entities that require a proctored exam. The exam is proctored virtually by the CNM Community College Assessment Center ( Why take a proctored exam if it’s not required by your regulatory body? Easy - it adds to your credibility and improves your position over your competition.

online inspector exam proctored

For more information visit InterNACHI® Online Inspector Examination and scroll down to the “Proctored Version” section on that page.


Great news.

Good news, now if you can replicate this with the radon testing exam then I think you have accomplished something worth sharing.

And all of the other CE courses, especially for states that require proctored exams for their continuing education courses. Last year I went elsewhere to take my CEs because it was way too much hassle to coordinate the proctored exams through internachi.