Study guide for proctored exams

Hi everyone, I have completed the required courses for pre-licensing and I wanted to know if anyone has a study guide or advice on how to study for the proctored exams?

Also there was no info I could find on the supervised test inspection that you need to complete? Can you bring tools, a device with inspection software, Internachi’s HI checklist?

Any advice would be great.


Simon Lichty

Strike 1… Where are you located, and WHICH Exam are you referring to? There are a few, and they may be similar, but are all different!

Just curious, if you are working towards getting your license, how do you have the CPI designation?

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I have CPI designation because I have finished the required courses from InterNACHI. That does not make me a licensed inspector tho, I need to complete the 2 proctored exams and test inspection before I become licensed for Alberta. Is this correct?

I am located in Alberta, Canada. I am referring to this:

To attain a Home Inspector license in Alberta, you must:

  • Complete an application for Service Alberta (details);
  • Take two proctored examinations (for a fee set by the proctor); and
  • Complete one supervised test inspection (for a fee set by the proctor).
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Got it, I was licensed in my state before I joined InterNACHI.

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Sounds like they are Alberta exams. Internachi has nothing to do with those. As stated in the link you posted, contact an Alberta approved Proctor directly to answer your questions as you are now dealing with Alberta and not Internachi!

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@slichty Yes, I’m in the same boat, also in Alberta, and @jjonas clearly is not, because the two proctored exams are InterNACHI exams, proctored by InterNACHI approved proctors, and graded by InterNACHI. The Alberta licencing office has no knowledge or concern of these exams. I called them to ask them the same questions you posted here and they said they don’t know what I’m talking about and that I should ask these questions of InterNACHI.

I’ve created my own study materials. Let me know if you are still looking for a study guide.

In Alberta, everything is handled by InterNACHI and Certified Master Inspectors® Our people up there do the proctoring. And our courses are used for licensing. There is only one exam, not two. Read: How to Become a Home Inspector in Alberta - InterNACHI®

You have two options, not two exams.

Ok, wait, I really do think it said two proctored exams when I checked a month ago but I can’t find it anymore. Was it always just one proctored exam or was this changed recently? I remember thinking how odd it was to have two exams. I know about the two options, which is also confusing because how would someone be a CMI or be an “experienced inspector” if they are not even licenced?

That’s why there are two options. One may not be right for you.