InterNACHI opening the Inspector Museum next month. Donate items. We need....

InterNACHI is opening the “Inspector Museum” next month. We already have stuff such as the first IR camera, the first washing machine (1920), the first kitchen (1926), the first inspection book (1930), an entire collection of flashlights showing the history of flashlights, photos of the first home inspection class being given (1959) an influenza brick (I’ll tell you about that later), an instant camera used on one of the first reports that contained photos, and all sorts of historical items and documents relating to the history of home and building inspection.

What we are looking for still:

  • Old inspection reports
  • Old NCR reporting forms.
  • Old CDs of reporting software
  • Old home inspector licenses.
  • Original ads from home inspection vendors.
  • Old systems and components from homes.
  • Old testing equipment (mold, radon, electrical, etc).

We are willing to pay for packing, shipping and pay you for the items. Tell us what you have and are willing to donate.

We are building out the museum this week and I’ll have PICs as we go.

I still have 4 Diploma’s in Home Inspection that are 19+ years old.

*International Correspondence School

  • Professional Career Development Institute

  • Stratford Career Institute (Highest Honors)

*Housing Inspection Foundation - Registered Home Inspector (I still have 1 of their newspapers)

I probably still have a couple of old NCR reports, with Polaroid photos if my ex-wife hasn’t thrown them away.

I would love one.

Okay, I will Facebook message my ex-wife and see if she still has them (at least her parents, sister’s and brother’s reports). I will send you everyone that I can get from her. As much as you’ve done for me over the years, there is no way that you’re paying for postage. This one’s on me, if she can get them to me.

Maybe ask Roy’s wife to see if she will donate him? There are not much older inspection artifacts than Roy.

Love it Thanks for a good chuckle … Roy


I got stuff 10-15 years old. Call or email and let me know if I can get you some items…

I got some stuff 10-15 years old. Call or email to discuss…