Donations wanted for the InterNACHI Library!

InterNACHI is expanding it’s in-house reference (not loaning) library. This is a resource that will help us act as a resource for questions asked by inspectors from a wide variety of locations, on a wide variety of subjects.
In addition to building code (IRC, UBC, etc.) books from past years, we are looking for relevant reference material on how buildings age and fail, and reference books on any home systems, components, and materials that you care to donate.

Where do we send them, and do you wish to be notified before they are sent?

Hey Jeff,

4635 Nautilus Ct., Unit C
Boulder, 80301

We’ll be more specific soon, so that we don’t get people sending us books that we already have copies of. Installation of the entire 17’ wall of bookcases was just finished today.

Remember these? Perhaps an e-version updated weekly on the Nachi website would be helpful…

We’ll do our best Jeff. I’m tired. I’m conking out. Been a long, great week.

In relation to this, maybe we could compile a five foot shelf for home inspectors. I have seen several groups do there own version of the harvard classics over the years, maybe we could compile the most important and helpful books as they pertain to our industry that will fit on a five foot shelf. A mini reference library that will be small enough as to be affordable to most of us, and valuable enough to be worth the effort.

Kenton I have 35 years of reference books on home inspection, home building, codes, concrete, plumbing, septic inspection & installation, asbestos inspection,framing, roofing, lead paint testing, Purdues Termite Inspection Manuals, swimming pools installation and inspection, EIFS & Stucco books, etc.

Looking around my office there are about 5 bookcases that are 3 or 4 shelf bookcases that are 4’ - 5’ tall filled with books. Many of the books include 3-ring sample notebook reporting systems from ITA, Home-Pro, the Home Reference Book, AmeriSpec, etc, etc.

We would love to have this Dan! Let me get with Nick on Monday and I’ll call your office.

Dan I would love to buy all your code books when you retire also, so don’t forget about me if you don’t give them to NACHI.

Hey Dan, when is the last time you opened one of those books? :slight_smile:

We’d love to have any versions of the IRC.