InterNACHI partners with Infraspection Institute.


Amazing, thanks Nick. This discount will now pay for 3 years of my membership in InterNACHI.

Excellent !

I wonder what it feels like to be a non-member. It must feel like being stupid. LOL :wink:

I hope to have time this weekend to tear into it…
Arrived yesterday …

The can with 3 varying layers are most certainly
a lesson in emissivity …guess I’ll find out soon enough

To those of you who are wondering , Ive already had a huge
increase in customer enthusiasm and curiosity about my Inspections
with the included ITI in just a week using it.

Landed 3 homes today by a gentleman who recommended me to a DR
in Farmington Hills on a 9000 sq ft home.
He wants dedicated Thermal Inspections on all 3 next week…
Does ITI make a difference ? well it sure as hell looks that way already.

If you can’t market it , don’t bother
Thanks Nick and Jim…Ty InterNACHI

And it produces more income than purchasing a CMI designation;-)

No, there is no higher R.O.I. in the inspection industry than getting your CMI professional designation. IR cameras make money, for sure… but CMI is in the stratosphere in terms of R.O.I.

You so funny:mrgreen::wink: we have been through this before, no sense to do it again

A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still??? :wink:

Not just my opinion. Dozens of message board posts from CMIs explaining that they make money every day with CMI and command hire fees without having to do any additional work. Now that’s R.O.I.!

Looks great. Will taking this course and buying the camera allow me to use the “Infrared Certified” logo, or would I still have take John Mckenna’s course?

Why would you need to take two courses to receive one certification. I can not image Infraspection providing training and not a certification of completion

Do you believe everything you read

Dear Michael:

Taking Infraspection’s online course, Infrared Inspections for Home and Building Inspectors will help to qualify you to use InterNACHI’s Infrared Certified logo provided you meet the requirements set forth by InterNACHI.

You DO NOT need to take additional infrared training courses from others. Upon registering for our course, you have up to 60 days to complete the course. Our professionally narrated online presentations are available 24/7 allowing you to take your training wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. You may hear any portion of the online recordings as many times as you wish.

Upon completing the course you will be provided with proof of completion in the form of a certificate suitable for framing. Best of all, completing this course may be applied to Level I certification with Infraspection should you decide to advance your credentials in the future.

I, and my staff at Infraspection Institute look forward to supporting your future thermogrpahic endeavors.

I like the logo…:smiley:

Thanks Jim, I have been contemplating taking the plunge into IR for a while. I want to get plenty of training before I buy a camera, or even decide if I want to pursue it , and this seems like a great opportunity.

Maybe Nick will consider having the Logo dept create a new one for this particular course ?


I agree and it should have Infraspection embedded somewhere so it means something:D;-)

Mike, smart man, do your research before buying a camera you may wish you bought a higher grade model.

All have their limitations, but not having a 320x240 is not worth buying in my opinion.

Thanks Dale, I’ll remember that when it comes time to buy the camera. I may rent one until I get at least Level 1, get the feel of what it’s all about, then make the plunge.

Then, it’s on to join NACBI, then to conquer (I mean inspect) the world!!