InterNACHI Presenting at U.S. Dept of Energy event in Washington, DC on July 9-11.

InterNACHI’s Ben Gromicko, Director of the InterNACHI Home Energy Inspection Program, will be presenting at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Building Event on July 9-11, 2012, in Washington, D.C.

**Residential Energy Efficiency Solutions: From Innovation to Market Transformation.**Opening Plenary and Keynote Address by:
Dr. Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, U.S. DOE.

Framing the Challenge & Opportunity by:
Richard Kauffman, Senior Advisor to the Secretary, U.S. DOE.

The U.S. Department of Energy is bringing together administrators and implementers of residential energy efficiency programs, including state and local governments, utilities, non-governmental organizations, Better Buildings Neighborhood Program grant recipients, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Sponsors, Home Energy Score Partners, and other stakeholders.

Most homeowners throw away an equivalent of a 55” flat screen TV every year in wasted energy. They’re throwing away a brand new mountain bike, or throwing away a really nice gas grill, or a weekend getaway vacation, every year – because their home is wasting energy. And wasting energy is like throwing money away.

The typical American home wastes a lot of energy. We know that out of the 130 million homes in the U.S., 80 million were built before 1980, and these homes pre-date modern energy standards and are associated with higher energy use and operating costs per square foot. We also know that American households spend an average of about $2,000 a year on energy. But what most homeowners don’t know is that about 30% of that energy–30% of that money–is wasted.

InterNACHI’s Home Energy Inspection Program involves home inspectors across the country who can provide information to current and prospective homeowners about their homes’ condition, energy performance, and potential areas of improvement, along with associated cost estimates for energy savings. The goal of the program is to naturally lead property owners to the most cost-effective home energy improvements that have the greatest impact.

As a component of the program, the Home Energy Inspection Tool has been developed to aid inspectors and homeowners. This online home energy tool and calculator is designed around the home inspector’s skill set. The inspector will use the Tool to provide simple prescriptive measures that millions of homeowners can take to reduce their energy bills while making their homes more comfortable. Homeowners can then use that money in energy savings for something they really need or want.

Home inspectors can generate attractive and easy-to-understand home energy inspection reports in just 15 extra minutes using the Home Energy Inspection Tool.

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