InterNACHI releases new, free, online, Radon Measurement Service Provider course.

It surpasses all other Radon training courses.

In terms of quality, quantity, and price :), there’s none better.

This course would likely cost $350-450 from other training providers.

Over 110,000 words in the course. (hopefully all spelled correctly)

Who’s this guy? What’s he got to do with Radon?

****Dimitri Mendeleev, perceived the correct classification method of “the periodic table” for the 65 elements which were known in his time.

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At a sub-membrane depressurization system, an inspector should look for a _______ installed on the membrane, identifying it as part of the radon reduction system.





I’m working on the Radon Course right now and have come across an area that needs updating. I notice under Section 12: Radon Measurement Service Provider; Action Levels, Mitigation and Water, that there is a chart indicating what levels are acceptable for International Radon Action Levels.

You have Canada as accepting 22 pCi/L of Radon for existing buildings. When I did further investigation into this, in 2008, Canada dropped their acceptable levels for Radon from 800 to 200 Bq/M3 (Canada uses Bequerel rather than the PicaCurie), which would then calculate to around 5 pCi/L, which is close to what many other countries are listed as and only slightly higher than that of the USA.

Any chance of getting InterNACHI course accepted on the state level.

I see that InterNACHI courses are accepted by NEHA for Mold and Water, but not Radon.

Geoff (awesome last name) Fierce wrote:

Indeed, you are correct, according to Health Canada.

We have a major revision for our Radon book on the boards based on input we’re expecting from someone Nick talked to while on his Famous World Tour. Thank you, Geoff, for pointing out this necessary update so that we can include it!


We have submitted our application for both NEHA and NRSB and both approved it.

We’ve updated that particular slide in the Radon course.
Thanks, Geoff.

Thanks to both Ben and Kate for updating the info on Radon for Canada. :slight_smile:



1st question from all realtors once they know you are an inspector is are you radon certified

Hi, Sean. In your state, OH, there are regulations for radon testers. Seems fairly easy to complete the application. Training and exam is required. Here’s what I found for you
If you need anymore help, just email me at
BTW: We have submitted our free, online radon course to the OH Dept for approval and received approval.

Ben or Lisa, would you happen to know if this course passes the requirement to apply for a license in the state of Maine? I searched for the answer, but came of empty handed. If it is not, then it looks like I’ll be taking another 16 hour course.I will also try and contact my state and find out.

Reference to Maine requirements.
Thank you!

The Maine website is not clear on the training sources. You may want to contact them at 207-287-5676.

starting radon course now

Starting the course.
Ben or Nick, any word on whether Ohio is going to accept this course for licensing.

Not any time soon, Ohio is one of the strictest states to fill the requirements for radon, yet they don’t do any testing themselves, you can go to Pittsburgh for the classes or you could have gone to Columbus this past week and taken Minnesota 's classes.

A lot of states have no requirements for radon…much like Ohio for home inspectors:mrgreen:

Is this course NRPP or NEHA approved?