Manufactured & Mobile Home Training Courses for Inspectors

InterNACHI is developing an online training course about inspecting manufactured & mobile homes.
What do you think about these standards/codes/requirements?:

This would be most welcome as I get alot of calls here in Pinellas/Hillsborough county and I have to decline as I know there are certain issues such as tie downs/electrical that I am not familiar with. I would like to get trained on how to perform.

In North Florida here, I do about 50/50 Site Built homes versus Manufactured homes, but it would be good to take a class to see what I’m missing.

Looks to be a pretty comprehensive course in the works, can’t wait.


Gaffney Home Inspection LLC Great idea we will be looking forward to the
information thanks

Would be nice. Sun Valley Nevada is a big trailer park and a course like that would be useful for sure.

That is definitely a coarse I would be interested in taking. Any idea how it will take to produce Ben?

Those are good specs. How about a live course? I’m feeling the need to go to Boulder.

Have it ready for Oct. and give it live in Melbourne! Nick’s already coming with staff, did he include you?

Sounds good to me. Can’t wait for the course.

not for the faint at heart:D

I have had crawls just as bad!!!

The course would be great, I have completed about a dozen, took an on line course a few years ago, and self trained over the years.

Ben, you missed a very important part of the foundation inspection. Here in Volusia County, no foundation inspection is complete without measuring the tire tread depth with a certified tread gauge. Good ones can be purchased at any auto supply. Some of my canned foundation comments:

  1. Mismatched tires can create a dangerous road condition known as “I can’t steer this dang thing”.
  2. The early 1960’s series of Hallmark Homes should only have American made tires. The only known source for a replacement is Cooper Tires made in Findlay, Ohio.
  3. Michelin tires are rated for higher speeds for those who move often and quickly.
  4. Exterior lighting should be properly grounded to the axle.
  5. There is abnormal cracking in the foundation. Recommend evaluation by Billy Bob’s Used Tire Center. Use this code xxxx for discount.

7.4 – About buried fuel oil tanks.
1.What about a safety issue of an unprotected
fuel line from earth, or concrete?.
2. A 275 gal fuel tank, half buried on it’s side,
under the Mfg. home with only two feet of
clearance from frame to earth.
a. What about access to filter and service?