InterNACHI strength per capita chart.

Nice chart. Are you sure you don’t have any members on Mars? I thought I saw one around here.

The “Inter” in InterNACHI stands for InterGalactic.

not all in population are of age or able to purchase property, please explain the point…am i’m missing something

I like the “WEAK” results of Massachusetts.

Less competition to deal with.

6,059 Members

We have no chapter in Oklahoma what are we going to do about that and notice I stated We.


I copied and pasted the chart into Excel and got 5,899 members . . . but I am worried about our numbers on Mars . . . do you think I could ask for funding from iNACHI to go and see if I can find more inspectors? :mrgreen:

It is nice to see that our little state of New Hampshire ranks 6th in the poll / chart!
{We have the same ranking as Ontario!}

We have more members “per capita” than states that have 3,4, 5 and 6 million in population than we do!:stuck_out_tongue:

We also outnumer ASHI by at least 4 to 1!:mrgreen:

Charley, I made the (mistake?) comment to Nick 6 years ago, is there a chapter in Colorado?
He said Yes, you’re the President!
He was in PA at the time.
And so, the very strong Colo state chapter was born. Became even stronger when Nick moved into the state (& I moved out!).
Guess how the Idaho chapter was created?