NACHI membership in N. America tops 9,500 today.


If you can be sure who it is you can give number ten Thousand some reward .
If you can not be sure then draw a number out of a hat and give that person a reward celebrating our 10,000th member this should get some great news across the country and show every body that NACHI is number one and the first to pass 10,000.

Good luck to the winner .
You could even start a small contest to see who picks the closest time to when we hit 10,000 and give out two prizes.
My guess January 17, 2;35 pm

Roy Cooke .

According to the NACHI membership rolls that are listed by state, our Lil Ole State of New Hampshire ranks 24th out of 50!

We have a membership of 88 and that is more than some states that have two to three times more population than we do!

  • We beat out our larger neighbors Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont, plus our “Smaller Neighbor” Rhode Island.

It just goes to show you what you can archive when your state is “Pro-active”


We are ahead of 26-states! Some with double, and some close to triple our population! \:D/

Here are just a few of the larger states that are close to us.

State…Per Million… NACHI members
New Hampshire…1.3…88






Per capita you rank 3rd of all States and Provinces and you really can’t count Montana as it could be considered an outlier with such a little population and big territory (they need more inspectors per capita to cover it), so you are probably ranked 2nd per capita behind only Florida.

In terms of area, NH is ranked #1 in NACHI market strength.


[size=3]This is truly humbling and only inspires me to continue our efforts to promote NACHI as a top notch, bona fide Professional Home Inspectors association.

I am proud of all of the efforts that our members have put forth to promote and maintain our State Chapter despite all of the adversity that has been thrown in our path.

I promise to continue our efforts to make NACHI #1 in New Hampshire and in all of New England.

I and all of our members Thank You and your staff in Colorado for all of your support and encouragement over the last two years.

[size=3]Warmest Regards, [/size]Frank M. Carrio Sr.

This could by why two nominations for this chapter were presented to the awards committee for recognition. For some reason, these nominations disappeared, though, and the award was never announced.

All the same, congratulations to New Hampshire for such quiet and sustained strength in the face of so much ASHI manipulation - both in and around your state.

Keep fighting the good fight. You are winning.

This may be why we are the first in the nation with our primary, the politicians know we get involved and stay involved.

Nice to see The Land of Lincoln in the “strong” column. Let’s keep it going!


Thank you for your kind words. I have had other people ask me the same question about the Chapter nominations.

I see that the individual member awards were presented but nothing about the chapter awards was mentioned. Oh well…

As to the ASHI war…ASHI personnel are still calling our members and now they are using a "NACHI E-mail address" to try to confuse our members as to whether our New Hampshire State Chapter is sending out E-Mails or not.

Here is the E-Mail address that ***ASHI ***is using