Diploma mill ASHI lost another 771 members this month.

They’re hemorrhaging badly. This might be their last year. It was a good run.

They would lose even more if you would forbid dual membership and stop allowing these guys access to NACHI’s marketing and educational resources. Make them choose.

You know my position. I say it’s time for InterNACHI to put the final nail in their coffin. Lets face it, in a post-InterNACHI world, their demise was inevitable anyway.

I really don’t see them hanging on into 2013.

I agree and I think you should do it.

ASHI membership is no longer the “credential” that it used to be … and it offers its members nothing in terms of marketing or educational benefits. If forced to choose, most would choose NACHI, IMO.

Frankly, I would prefer to see an amendment to our code of ethics that would make membership in any association (such as ASHI or NAHI) that would grievously harm our profession by promoting its “dumbing down” through licensing effortsgrounds for immediate expulsion.

The lawyers already approved it. ESOP is the roadblock.

Only if you want it to be.

Stop teasing…it’s not polite.:stuck_out_tongue:

I made the choice between the two almost 8 years ago, I guess the right decision was made and don’t know why more did not see it.

Inachi rocks and no one will beat the benefits it provides. :slight_smile:

So where or what are all those 700 +/- Ashi Members going Nick?

Usually when you can’t beat them, you join them (Inachi) :mrgreen:

You are suggesting that there are Inspectors that actually think ASHI is a Choice / Option?

10 Years ago they accused us of never being able to amount to anything…


Well then it might have been, but have seen the light since then.
At least I did not start off on the Dark Side. :mrgreen::wink:

I started with NACHI and Nick from Day 1.
never a regret…


Time to raise new member fees.

That is where others XXXX & XXXX were mistaken…
Increased National & Local Dues with no perceived value for the Dues Paid…

NACHI Only charges for those things that Members perceive to be of Value…

NACHI succeeded with this model as the offerings have demonstrable value…

well they failed to learn…
Spent all their money on a Failed Model of Selling a Entrance Exam / Licensing Test Only…

Funny how I’m at a trade fair last week and 2 A$HI members come up and tell me that I should join so that we’re all on “the same Page” and giving consumers “the same message”. One shows me a postcard that they distribute to offices that have 5 A$HI members on it. So if someone picks that up the only thing that separates them is price :mrgreen:.
I did get to meet fellow member Fred Shaffer and he came up to me, introduced himself, brought his wife over and intoduced her, talked about how great Nick is and how they had gotten together in the past and how Nick really would help any of us. We all know how true it is!

I used to belong to both organizations several years ago. It was not difficult to see the advantages that InterNACHI offered over ASHI in value for my membership dollar, superior education and marketing. I’ve never regretted the decision to leave ASHI.

There’s a hell of a quote right there Nick - feel free to use it as you’d like, lol. :smiley:

ASHI is in it for political gain.

InterNACHI is in it for consumer gain.

People are tired of politics. If any RE agent wants to better themselves, they must surround themselves with the best, provide the best, and present themselves as the best to the home buyer. That is where Nick and InterNACHI should strive to promote.