InterNACHI closer to putting inspectors behind bars. InterNACHI wins in court!

Now that’s some good news… Thanks Nick

The wheels of justice grind slowly but we are methodical and patient.

The self proclaimed head of the Kansas HI Licensing Board has a dog named Molly that he has publicly claimed to have NACHI membership. Must a NACHI pooch poop in Philly to deserve such action? You asked for first hand info and were provided it last summer.

Good news nick, what ever happened with the suit against verizon?

Jim, I’m referencing the very same dog. We have to establish damages with this round of suits in PA where inspectors told lies about InterNACHI’s Oddly, some of them belong to ASHI, an association with very weak full membership requirements and no entrance requirements at all.

Ben, they settled and paid me.

Cool Nick!