How to pick a home inspector training program?

Hello, I have been researching becoming a home inspector for quite some time now and I have been having trouble deciding on which program to take. I am interested in ICA and AHIT, mainly ICA because light commercial is included, but I am unable to find any reviews for these programs other than their website. I have searched on here and Google so please forgive me if I have over looked them. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I live in louisiana and do to my offshore work schedule it would have to be online.

I used AHIT and passed the state test first time around, but I also took advantage of every mock inspection I could find.

I thought the printed study materials AHIT provided were very useful and informative, but you really do have to read them cover to cover, preferably twice.

Their on-line materials are the pits. They don’t mesh with the printed materials, are boring, and consist mainly of talking heads. I gave up on them and just buried my head in the printed materials.

Their tests are also the pits. Miss-spellings, typos, poorly-worded questions, contradictory “right” answers, you-name-it. The plus in all this is that it motivates you do go outside the curriculum and find out for yourself.

I have no experience with ICA, so can’t comment.

I figure you can’t really go wrong with any of the bigger programs just trying to decide which is the best bang for my buck. I’ve read AHITs reporting software that is included is garbage, is this your experience? Ive got no problem pay for software but if any of the schools include one that is good that would also be a plus.