Free home inspection reporting software.

Nick if you are introducing it as free are you sure ?
Need to research that statement.

Nothing is free so how do you think they make money and stay in business ?

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So you are ignorant to selling of your clients info in trade ?
If I am incorrect please correct me and state publicly that no client information will go to 3rd parties .

Lets have full transparency.

Hey Bob, some people are just blind to what is really going on. Nick promotes many vendors and products that are all designed around Data brokering. Some of these people are making bank off the hard work of Home Inspectors who blindly release, sell, give up, trade (or whatever one wants to call it) the private information of our clients.

I am with you 100% when you wrote:

*"So you are ignorant to selling of your clients info in trade ?
If I am incorrect please correct me and state publicly that no client information will go to 3rd parties .

Lets have full transparency. "*


How about you stop using software provider that promotes other vendor services that sells costumer information? Then you will have more of a standing on this issue.

HomeHubZone does not broker data information to other providers. We do not sell data. it is clear on our website and in our terms of service and privacy policy. We respect the buyers privacy. What we provide to buyers is benefits to them. See

If you want to see our pricing for yourself, you can check it out at

You can be free just by completing our master class to achieve HomeHubZone Professional.

Just for clarification, HomeHubZone does not sell or broker data. You can see that on our website, in our terms of use and our privacy policy, all front and center on our website. What we do is offer benefits for the buyer which also benefit your reputation. We do this without calling them. We will not annoy them. We will not spam them.

If you want to know what benefits we offer, you can find them here

See our blog post from our home buyer survey to see what home buyers want. That is what we want to strive to provide.

Further, the software has a free path. If you complete the master class you can keep using the software for free. So Nick is not promoting a falsehood. If you want to see our pricing, you can find that here

Got a link to a sample report?

I’ve looked around at their product and training modules… there is a choice whether an inspector wants to simply & eventually pay for reports only or have their clients participate in links to manuals / reference materials… it’s the inspectors choice, their platform for pricing and such is clear, it’s up to the inspector how they want to provide pricing and choices.

Additionally, their concept of improvement to refine comments systems wide is really very new, and the idea of ditching templates is interesting, and likely to be a good example moving forward… they seem to be on to something.

Here’s the thing, while I’m not actively using the software, I can say this…

This product offering seems to be focused on improving data collection and ease of use for inspector, and quality and ease of use for report reading & delivery for the client / agensts etc… I’ve not seen a product offering as of yet that seems to be vested in this same way at providing and improving the inspector’s and clients experience… I guess what I’m saying is that they seem to be in for the haul.

Sure. Go here for a sample report. Real estate agents and buyers have provided very positive feeedback and much is customizable. And the service to customize it is free for InterNACHI members.

I do NOT feel comfortable giving my clients info out and WILL NOT do that! I would rather pay for my software !

I agree Mike do not want to compromise my clients info.