If You Were To Write A Wind Mitigation Course

I may be involved in writing a Wind Mitigation Course.

If you were writing a course what tips, tricks or techniques would you like to see included. Credit will be given if possible to anyone whose contributions are used.

Feel free to post any great pictures or drawings that you have the rights to that you would like to see used. Permission letters will be needed if they are used but there is no sense in writing one unless it will be used. I will let you know.

This should be fun and I encourage all to participate. This should also help us all become better Wind Mitigation Inspectors just by reading what others have found useful.

It may be a good way to get a tiny amount of free publicity :slight_smile:

Some examples could be suggested tools or formulas or how you obtain permit information and such. Useful links would also be great to include in the course.

Tip #1, always collect payment before you release the report. Cash is preferable. You can quote me on that

Set up and keep your own Florida product approval NOA for alot of common type products to submit with the report, such as the stormcatcher fabric shields, Eastern Metal aluminum shutters, Stanek ultra 400 windows, etc. I have a whole folder full of then, that away, I can easily combine approval pdf’s and attach them with the report, just saves a whole bunch of time on the back end going into the database. I also took a $5, 55-inch wooden broom handle from Lowe’s, drilled a hole in the end and put a 1/4" x 2 inch bolt with washers on the end to attach my camera to. Has saved me countless times getting closeup shots in low sloped or physically inaccessible attics. Thats my 2 cents. Good luck

AMEN. That will probably be the best tip for sure :slight_smile:

Glen that is just the type of stuff I am looking for.

This should be fun compared to most of the threads I get into.

Links to product home pages or specs would be great. Door, window manafactures etc…

Here is an example that some may find useful:

Florida Product Approval Link http://www.floridabuilding.org/pr/pr_app_srch.aspx

Florida Building Code Online http://www.floridabuilding.org/c/default.aspx

Link to Raynor garage door architect site showing all make model numbers and their product approvals, use it quite a bit. Its the excel spreadsheet in the middle of the page…


I’ll save that one for sure.

As far as tips go…
Always double check your pictures before you leave the area
Take more pictures than you think you will need
Have a back up camera and batteries handy
I use a different SD card for each inspection and clip it to the paperwork
(yes I know how many photos you can put on a 2gb…but wouldn’t you really rather lose one inspection than a whole day?)

As for actual training…good luck!

The most comprehensive coarse out there to date!

And it is up to date!!!


Good info for sure .

Come on?

As many of you that are doing these, this is it?

I know you guys have some good stuff somewhere.

A 3-hour course is required.
http://www.nachi.org/wind-mitigation…ion-course.htm is 16 hours and Construction Industry Licensing Board-approved.

What specifically are you looking for? I do have lots of info.
I am not sure how you can tell anyone how to do a wind mit in an hour, though.

Waterproof boots come in handy